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2021-2022 Course Catalog 
2021-2022 Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ELT 644 - Process Control Instr Lab

Credits: 2
Lecture Hours: 0
Lab Hours: 4
Practicum Hours: 0
Work Experience: 0
Course Type: Voc/Tech
This lab includes experiments on transducers used in process control as well as experiments on proportional, integral and derivative control.
Prerequisite: ELT 303 ,  ELT 324  and ELT 325  or ELT 383  and ELT 384  
Corequisite: ELT 642  

  1. Investigate industrial Interfacing Devices used in process controls
    1. Analyze Inverting Operational Amplifiers
    2. Construct Summing Operational Amplifier circuits
    3. Experiment with Non-Inverting Operational Amplifiers
    4. Construct Integrator and differentiator Operational Amplifier circuits
    5. Outline PhotoDiodes, PhotoSCR and PhotoTRIAC characteristics
    6. Construct Digital to Analog Converters
    7. Construct Analog to Digital Converters
  2. Evaluate Thyristors in control circuits
    1. Experiment with Silicon Controlled Rectifiers
    2. Examine control circuits utilizing TRIACs
    3. Analyze control circuits with IGBTs
  3. Examine Feedback Controller Operations
    1. Build control circuits using feedback
    2. Experiment with Proportional Control
    3. Analyze Controller Amplification
    4. Analyze Steady State Error
  4. Build Circuits with DC motor Controls
    1. Measure DC motor characteristics
    2. Solve Work Calculations involving motors
    3. Solve Power Calculations involving motors
    4. Solve Horsepower Calculations involving motors
    5. Analyze  various AC MOTORS and Drive systems
    6. Build Three Phase, Synchronous and Stepper Motor Control Circuits
    7. Measure motor characteristics
  5. Examine Pressure Systems and Controls
    1. Experiment with Pressure measurement instrumentation
    2. Outline pressure measurement devices
  6. Investigate Temperature Control Systems
    1. Identify Temperature Scales
    2. Experiment with Thermal Control Systems
    3. Construct a control circuit using Thermocouples
    4. Construct a control circuit using Resistance Temperature Detectors
    5. Summarize Radiation Thermometry techniques
  7. Evaluate Flow Control systems
    1. Contrast O.D. , I.D. and Trade size piping
    2. Build a control system using a  Flowmeter
    3. Solve Reynolds number Calculations
    4. Solve Pump calculations
    5. Describe pump cavitation and how to properly size pumps to prevent it.
  8. Evaluate Level Control Systems
    1. Identify Point level Measurement systems
    2. Construct a Continuous level measurement
    3. Survey Conductivity Probes systems
    4. Survey Capacitance Probes
  9. Compare Analytical Instrumentation
    1. Identify pH measurement techniques
    2. Illustrate a pH process control system
    3. Examine Conductivity measurement instrumentation
  10. Evaluate Common Industrial Symbologies (P&ID)
    1. Identify Tag Numbers
    2. Identify Line Numbers
    3. Interpret Valve and Actuator Symbols
    4. Interpret Information Blocks
  11. Construct  Computer Numerical Control (CNC) programs using an industrial standard G-code system
    1. Discuss elements of Motion Control Systems
    2. Identify common G and M Code
    3. Demonstrate G-code programs on a CNC system
    4. Outline Servo repair and calibration on CNC systems

Competencies Revised Date: 2020

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