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DMACC Policies and Procedures 
DMACC Policies and Procedures
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ES4516 - Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver




Master List Section: Student Services

  1. Institutional Regulations

    The College shall outline the procedures for Senior Citizens who wish to enroll in credit courses, who are not degree seeking.
  2. Procedure
    1. Under this policy a Senior Citizen is defined as any person 62 years of age and over, who is an Iowa resident and is not receiving institutional, state, federal financial aid, or utilizing any other DMACC tuition waiver program.
    2. Under this policy a senior citizen is limited to one credit course in any one semester.
      1. To be eligible to register the individual must meet all course pre-requisites.
    4. Credit enrollment - A senior citizen that wishes to use the tuition waiver can register only on the first day of class.
    5. No tuition/fees or processing fee will be charged. Students will be responsible for books, materials supplies, and any technology fees associated with the course.
    6. Non-credit enrollment -  The tuition waiver is not applicable for non-credit courses, seminars or workshops.
    7. Senior Citizens must complete the appropriate registration schedule form.
    8. The registration schedule form must be presented in person to the Student Records Office on any campus. The form should be marked “Senior Citizen.”
    9. Senior Citizens must present a valid Iowa ID for age verification at the time of registration.
      1. The first time a person uses the Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver, ID for age verification must be presented. The registration clerk will place a “Senior Citizen” hold on the student’s record. This hold will serve to:
        1. Notify registration staff in the future that the student has been verified as a senior citizen, and
        2. Allow registration staff to restrict registration of students using the senior citizen tuition waiver to the proper dates.
        3. Request for the Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver must be made at the time of registration. Requests made after registration will not be granted.
      2. For a continuing senior citizen, the process of registration will cause the “senior citizen hold” to appear. This should prompt the clerk to ask if the student wishes to again use the waiver. If the student does wish to use the waiver, the clerk (in the case of a credit course) should also ask if the student wants to take the class as audit or for credit.
      3. When an eligible student asks for the Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver to be used, the registration clerk will clearly mark a copy of the registration form “Senior Citizen” and give the copy to the appropriate campus business office staff for tuition waiver processing.

Adopted: July 1, 1994
July 1, 2011

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