May 31, 2023  
2021-2022 Course Catalog 
2021-2022 Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Ankeny Campus Programs N-W

AA = Associate in Arts degree AS = Associate in Science degree AAS = Associate in Applied Science degree AGS = Associate in General Studies degree

***Some courses for these awards may only be offered online.*** 

Nurse Aide    Certificate
Nursing    AAS
Office Support    Certificate
Paramedic    Certificate
Paramedic, Clinical Concentration    AAS
Paramedic, Fire Science Concentration    AAS
Paramedic, Public Administration Concentration    AAS
Patient Access Specialist   Certificate
Phlebotomy    Certificate
Photography    AAS
Photography Advanced   Certificate
Photography Basic    Certificate
Physics: Transfer Major    AS
Political Science: Transfer Major   AA
Psychology: Transfer Major    AA
Phython Application Developer    Certificate
Renewable Energy Technology    AAS
Respiratory Therapy    AAS
Retail Management    Certificate
Retail Management    Diploma
Robotics & Control Systems Engineering Technology    AAS
Sales    Certificate
Sales & Management    Diploma
Sociology: Transfer Major    AA
SQL Application Developer    Certificate
Supply Chain Management    Certificate
Technical Studies, AAS   AAS
Theatre: Transfer Major    AA
Tool & Diemaking    AAS
Veterinary Technology    AAS
Video Production     AAS
Video Production    Certificate
Video Production     Diploma
Visual Communications    Certificate
Visual Communications    Diploma
Wastewater Treatment & Collection System Technology    Diploma
Wastewater Treatment Apprenticeship    Certificate
Wastewater Treatment Technology     Certificate
Water Collection System Technology    Certificate
Water Distribution System Technology   Certificate
Water Environmental Technology    AAS
Water Treatment and Distribution System Technology    Diploma
Water Treatment Apprenticeship    Certificate
Water Treatment Technology    Certificate
Welding    Diploma
Welding, Blueprint Reading     Certificate
Welding, Gas Metal Arc    Certificate
Welding, Gas Tungsten Arc    Certificate
Welding, SMAW Advanced AWS    Certificate
Welding, Production MIG Welding    Certificate
Welding-GMAW Advanced AWS    Certificate
Welding-Shielded Metal Arc    Certificate
Welding-Thermal Cutting    Certificate