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2024-2025 Course Catalog 
2024-2025 Course Catalog
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AGH 291 - Hort. Business Operations

Credits: 3
Lecture Hours: 3
Lab Hours: 0
Practicum Hours: 0
Work Experience: 0
Course Type: Voc/Tech
This course is an overview of wholesale and direct-to-consumer horticulture businesses. Various methods of marketing, economic feasibility, roles of personnel and startup for horticulture businesses will be investigated.
Prerequisite: AGH 106  
  1. Analyze green industry business operations.
    1. Provide the evolution and scope of the modern green industry
    2. Compare various ownership and management styles used in wholesale and direct to consumer horticulture businesses.
    3. Describe the business protocols of local horticulture business professionals.
    4. Distinguish between positive and negative methods of customer service.
  2. Analyze economic scenarios related to purchasing and selling horticultural goods.
    1. Determine the difference between gross markup and gross profit.
    2. Compute different pricing scenarios.
    3. Calculate breakeven prices.
    4. Determine ways to assign overhead costs.
    5. Explain variable and fixed costs.
    6. Summarize important financial ratios.
  3. Summarize wholesale and retail ordering practices for horticulture products.
    1. Determine product mix throughout the season based on seasonal trends and consumer preferences.
    2. Develop orders for a horticulture business.
  4. Assess the unique aspects of banking relations and obtaining capital for horticulture businesses.
    1. Quantify the impacts of interest rates and the period of a loan.
    2. Describe information needed for a positive working relationship with financial institutions.
    3. Develop an introductory business plan.
    4. Compose a net worth statement and an income statement.
  5. Compare and contrast marketing concepts used in the green industry.
    1. Examine various methods of pricing goods and services.
    2. Assess effectiveness of point of purchase
    3. Determine the economic feasibility of sales
  6. Evaluate proper signage and layout for horticulture businesses.
    1. Identify types of product displays.
    2. Design a display.
    3. Develop ways to introduce new products into a horticulture business.
  7. Compare and contrast various types of media advertising.
    1. List different media that can be used for advertising.
    2. Describe the various groups that horticulture products are marketed to.
    3. Develop advertising focused on a target audience.
    4. Develop advertising focused on a target audience.
  8. Evaluate basic inventory and billing procedures
    1. Identify advantages and disadvantages of itemization.
    2. Examine advantages and disadvantages of various methods of payment.
    3. Assess impact of delayed payment and billing.
    4. Formulate a basic plan to track inventory.
  9. Point out traits of a professional work place for a horticulture business.
    1. Determine appropriate functions of management.
    2. Characterize roles of employees.
    3. Explain professional relationships between employers and employees.
    4. Illustrate some of the unique aspects of family operated businesses.

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