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2024-2025 Course Catalog 
2024-2025 Course Catalog
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AGH 211 - Advanced Turfgrass Management

Credits: 3
Lecture Hours: 2
Lab Hours: 2
Practicum Hours: 0
Work Experience: 0
Course Type: Voc/Tech
Turf management practices on golf and recreation areas with practical experience in maintaining turf on outdoor campus facilities.
Prerequisite: AGH 112  
  1. Identify common weeds
    1. Recognize common broadleaf weeds in turf
    2. Recognize common grassy weeds in turf
  2. Describe recognized broadleaf weed life cycles
  3. Describe recognized grassy weed life cycles
  4. Control weeds by selecting appropriate herbicides
  5. Identify common turf insects/pests
    1. Recognize common above-ground turf insects/pests
    2. Recognize common below-ground turf insects/pests
  6. Describe recognized above-ground insect/pest life cycles
  7. Describe commonly recognized below-ground insect/pest life cycles
  8. Control insects/pests by selecting appropriate insecticides
  9. Identify common turf diseases
    1. Recognize common cold-weather turf diseases and their life cycles
    2. Recognize common cool/moderate weather turf diseases and their life cycle
    3. Recognize common hot weather turf diseases and their life cycles
  10. Describe the life cycles of cold, cool/moderate, and hot weather turf disease life cycles
  11. Select appropriate fungicide for control of cold, cool/moderate and hot weather turf diseases
  12. Calibrate sprayers and spreaders for the proper operation required for chemical and fertilizer applications
  13. Label sprayer and spreader components
  14. Describe the impact of ground speed variations on application rates
  15. Explain the impact of variations in pressure on application rates
  16. Compute application rates using ground speed, pressure, and nozzle size (sprayer) or plate setting (spreader) per 1000 ft2 per acre
  17. Demonstrate the correct use and operation of turf maintenance equipment
    1. Select the proper piece of equipment for the maintenance task to be performed
    2. Demonstrate the ability to operate each piece of turf maintenance equipment
  18. Explain the proper timing (seasonal) for the use of each piece of turf equipment
  19. Describe the impact (physical/physiological) each piece has on the turf
  20. Cite the history of turf associated recreational activities
    1. Recall the approximate date of origin of various recognized recreational activities performed on turf
    2. State the size/area of playing surface needed for each recognized activity
  21. Identify employment opportunities in recreational turf maintenance
    1. Recall census figures on various types of recreational turf facilities
    2. State approximate potential income ranges
  22. Outline the construction steps of a golf course
    1. Describe the construction steps of putting greens, tees, and hazards
    2. Explain the construction steps of fairways
  23. Demonstrate knowledge of good business management practices

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