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2023-2024 Course Catalog 
2023-2024 Course Catalog
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SDV 108 - The College Experience

Credits: 1
Lecture Hours: 1
Lab Hours: 0
Practicum Hours: 0
Work Experience: 0
Course Type: Open
The goals of the course are to connect students to faculty, peers, and college resources, while introducing students to the college’s expectations and environment and to strategies that promote and encourage student success in college and life.
  1. Demonstrate an understanding of how to navigate academic information as a DMACC student
    1. Locate information in the College catalog, MyDmacc, credit course schedule, Student Handbook and DMACC website
    2. Define graduation requirements at DMACC
    3. Define GPA
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of program requirements
    1. Identify college preparatory courses and other prerequisites/corequisites needed for subsequent courses in chosen program of study
    2. Summarize course requirements based on the Program Description
    3. Use course requirements from the Program Description to build a plan in Degree Works
    4. Plan a course schedule using Degree Works to register for the next semester
    5. Summarize the process to change from one academic program to another academic program at DMACC
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of college expectations and essential academic information
    1. Define the role of the course syllabus and competencies for determining faculty and course expectations
    2. Summarize the policies governing student academic standards, including satisfactory academic progress and the policies governing personal conduct
    3. Summarize the policies governing student financial aid, as needed
    4. Define the values of academic integrity, particularly related to cheating and plagiarism
  4. Demonstrate the use of college technology
    1. Use the DMACC email system to retrieve messages, contact instructors, and send attachments
    2. Use the DMACC Learning Management System to engage in online learning
    3. Identify needed resources for program completion in regard to career plans and/or transfer planning
    4. Demonstrate how to use the DMACC Banner Self-Service System to view unofficial transcripts, locate grades, develop a plan in Degree Works, view financial aid and course schedule, and register for classes
    5. Demonstrate how to contact and engage with DMACC Tech Support
  5. Demonstrate knowledge of campus opportunities and resources
    1. Consider the value of supportive faculty and staff relationships
    2. Identify assigned advisor/navigator by program/campus
    3. Identify the academic resources and services specific to the campus, including the library, computer lab, Academic Achievement Center, Tutoring, Counselors, Career Services, Campus Health, Disability Services, Financial Aid, and Student Activities
    4. Identify additional campus-specific educational activities and opportunities for student involvement in organizations
  6. Explore the academic skills necessary for student success
    1. Describe the characteristics of active listening
    2. Identify the skills involved in time management and making the most out of on-campus time for use of academic resources
    3. Determine one’s style for using a planner (i.e., paper vs. electronic, monthly vs. weekly) for organization
    4. Survey important study skills in the areas of reading, writing, note-taking, memory, and test-taking
    5. Identify the skills needed to effectively work as a team on group projects and labs
    6. Explore multisensory learning
  7. Demonstrate the life skills necessary for student success
    1. Identify the skills which will enhance one’s ability to combine the competing priorities of college, family and work
    2. Describe the impact of physical and mental health on student success including the importance of sleep, nutrition, exercise, and the value of staying healthy
    3. Describe how valuing diversity in culture, race, gender, orientation, ability, and age can enhance student and personal growth
    4. Develop strategies for problem solving
    5. Develop skills related to financial literacy
    6. Increase awareness of community, leadership, and citizenship through on-campus/off-campus learning opportunities

Competencies Revised Date: AY2023

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