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2023-2024 Course Catalog 
2023-2024 Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Activities

Music Performing Ensembles at DMACC

DMACC offers students the opportunity to participate in a variety of choral music and jazz ensembles.

Concert Choir, MUS 143, is offered on the Ankeny and Boone campuses.  No audition is required for Concert Choir, but it is expected that singers who register for it will be able to learn and sing well the vocal part to which they are assigned. Singers register for Concert Choir in the same way they register for all other DMACC academic-credit courses.

Chamber Ensemble, MUS 275, is offered on the Ankeny Campus. Auditions for the Chamber Ensemble on the Ankeny Campus are held at the start of each semester; auditionees must confirm an audition time with the choral conductor in the music area of Building 6. Students who are selected to sing in the Chamber Ensemble will be given an add slip that is signed by the conductor so they can add the course to their schedule. 

On the Ankeny Campus both Concert Choir and Chamber Ensemble perform two concerts each semester. The concerts serve as midterm and final course grade evaluations. Both choral ensembles have three 55-minute rehearsals each week and carry three elective credits. Please see the online DMACC Course Schedule for complete registration information.

Recent music ensemble additions on the Ankeny Campus include instrumental and vocal jazz ensembles; these ensembles are scheduled through DMACC Continuing Education and are not offered for traditional credit. For more information about them, please contact the DMACC Music Program Chairperson in Bldg. 6 on the Ankeny Campus, telephone number, 515-964-6633 or the Student Services Office on the Boone Campus. The music program maintains its Internet presence at dmacc.edu/pathways/dma/music.html.

Student Activities

Much of a student’s growth is the result of participation in activities and student organizations. It is the philosophy of the College that cocurricular activities complement the academic program. The activities are financed by a portion of the service fee that is charged each semester in addition to regular tuition. Student representatives elected to the Student Activities Council are responsible for assessment and disbursement of these funds.

Student Activities Council

As the primary student body representative, the Student Activities Council is an integral part of the College. Through its work, students are provided an opportunity to participate in the democratic process. Meetings are held on a regular basis. The Council serves as a liaison among the administration, faculty, staff and student body in areas of mutual interest. The purpose of the organization is to promote college spirit, provide a focal point for discussions between students and the College staff and to give students a representative voice in College affairs. Any student, administrator or faculty member may attend meetings of the Student Activities Council and take part in discussion, but only members may vote.

Student Centers

Student lounge and recreation areas are provided for student use during nonclassroom hours. Various types of game equipment are available, and food and beverage facilities are located in or near each of these areas.

Student Organizations

Students are encouraged to participate in student organizations. Students may form a new organization by contacting the Student Activities Coordinator on their respective campus for information. Most recognized organizations fall into one of the following classifications:

  1. Preprofessional and departmental organizations are joined by students wishing to pursue interests that contribute to the development of career fields.
  2. Service organizations have as their primary purpose activities that will contribute positively to the College and the community.
  3. Scholastic honorary organizations offer membership on the basis of academic excellence and performance.
  4. Special interest organizations are planned by students who desire to develop or broaden their interest in some particular aspect of their lives.

Student Publications

Working on a college news staff can benefit students in any program of study. The teamwork required to maintain a student-run news operation that publishes regularly in print and online throughout the semester provides an educational experience that greatly enhances the classroom experience. Students have the chance to build a portfolio with work published using professional newsroom standards. DMACC has three independent student news operations: The Banner News on the Boone Campus; The Campus Chronicle on the Ankeny Campus; and The Urban Vibe on the Urban Campus. These student news organizations emphasize news, features, entertainment, sports, opinion, photography, graphic design, advertising, online and social media in a digital environment. No experience is necessary. Training is provided. Opportunities to get involved include enrolling in JOU 122 Intro to News Production (3 credits), JOU 124 Digital Media Production (3 credits) and/or four JOU practicums (2 credits each), freelancing, or internships. Work study positions also may be available. For more information, contact the faculty advisor at the Ankeny, Boone or Urban campuses.

Ticket Sales

Discount tickets to various activities and attractions are available at the Student Activities office at Ankeny, the Advising Office at Carroll, or the Business Offices at Boone, Newton, Urban and West campuses.Ticket offerings vary at each location. Check in the main offices for details. Cash and personal checks are accepted at all campuses. Credit cards are accepted at Ankeny and Urban Campuses.

Dart Passes are free to all currently enrolled students. Once enrolled, students can download the Dart Bus app at https://www.ridedart.com/mydart-app.

DMACC Theatre

The DMACC Theatre program offers students the opportunity to earn college credit and gain practical experience in theatre production on the Ankeny and Boone campuses. Drama courses and theatre practicum offer students opportunities to gain experience in areas such as acting, lighting, costuming, building sets, and promoting the production. Information is available at https://www.dmacc.edu/theatre.

Intercollegiate Athletics

Student athletes may compete on a national level at the Boone Campus. DMACC is a member of the Iowa Community College Athletic Conference (ICCAC) and the National Junior College Athletic Association. The College currently offers women’s intercollegiate athletics in basketball, cross country, softball, volleyball and golf, as well as men’s intercollegiate athletics in basketball, baseball, cross country and golf on the Boone Campus.