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2023-2024 Course Catalog 
2023-2024 Course Catalog
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MOR 331 - Funeral Home Management

Credits: 2
Lecture Hours: 2
Lab Hours: 0
Practicum Hours: 0
Work Experience: 0
Course Type: Voc/Tech
Introduction to management concepts which will affect funeral directors to include personnel management, risk management, facilities management, funeral home marketing and basic accounting principles.
Prerequisite: Admission to the Mortuary Science or Funeral Services program, or admission to the Liberal Arts AA - Pre-Mortuary Science concentration.

  1. Illustrate fundamentals of small business management as applied to funeral home operations
    1. Discuss the role of small business in the economy
    2. Explain why management in a small firm may be more demanding than management in a large firm
    3. Describe personal and personnel requirements needed for the success of a self-employed funeral home owner
    4. Describe the elements of sound business management; including credit and collections; costs and capital investments; location and expansions of funeral homes; buying or building a funeral home; reducing risks and advertising
  2. Examine the functions of management for a funeral home
    1. Define management and identify the four functions
    2. List the objectives of funeral service
    3. Relate the functions of management to funeral service practices
    4. Define the areas of management
    5. Explain the concepts of management related to funeral services
  3. Evaluate federal regulations affecting recruitment and selection of personnel
    1. List considerations for job recruitment
    2. Explain federal regulations affecting recruitment
    3. Explain pre-employment interviewing regulations
  4. Describe human relations management
    1. Identify purpose and contents of a personnel manual
    2. State responsibilities of the manager
  5. Identify elements of a marketing program
    1. Identify elements of market analysis
    2. Define elements of marketing mix
    3. Identify marketing strategies in a small business
    4. Define concepts of branding
  6. Identify elements of inventory and pricing management
    1. Describe inventory management procedures
    2. Compare pricing policies and structures
    3. Identify price quotation systems
  7. Characterize basic accounting concepts and procedures
    1. Describe the functions of accounting
    2. Record transactions in the basic accounting equation
    3. Expand the basic accounting equation using revenue, expense, and withdrawal transactions
    4. Analyze simple accounting transactions as to their effect on the basic accounting equation
    5. Prepare simplified financial statements
    6. Define basic accounting terms, concepts and principles
  8. Perform basic accounting transactions
    1. Develop a chart of accounts
    2. Record transactions in T-account utilizing the rules of debit and credit
    3. Prepare a simple trial balance
    4. Prepare financial statements from a trial balance
    5. Identify the normal balance of an account

Competencies Revised Date: AY2022

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