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2015-2016 Course Catalog 
2015-2016 Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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A phlebotomist draws blood from patients for diagnostic medical tests. Most phlebotomists are employed in hospitals. The program runs approximately 13 weeks and is offered Fall and Spring semesters. Results of background checks will be shared with cooperating agencies, which may prevent placement for clinical practicum. This will affect successful program completion.

Proof of immunizations is required prior to beginning of clinical rotation.

For more information about the Phlebotomy certificate, please visit our website at

Program Entry Requirements:

  1. Complete an application for admission.
  2. Attend a required information/registration session or obtain the approval of the program chairperson.
  3. Submit to the Admissions Office evidence of high school graduation or GED completion prior to enrollment.

Required Courses

Total Credits Required to Complete this Certificate - 5

Fixed Costs

Tuition……………………………………………………………………………………..$143.00 per credit

The costs for each program are estimates and subject to change.

Varied Costs

The Phlebotomy program utilizes a background check service,, to conduct criminal background/abuse checks and to track immunizations and health records for each student after their acceptance into the program. Students are responsible for the cost of this service (approximately $48). Students will also need to submit current documentation of all required immunizations at the start of the program.

Books  $50
Materials Fee and name badge  $50
Background check/Immunizations tracker as described above  $48
Immunizations/Vaccines (estimated cost-this will vary depending on the student’s needs)


Total cost for this program is approximately $868 - $1,068*

* Program entry requirements are not included in the total approximate cost.

What Kind of Work Will You Do?

  • Draw blood.
  • Prepare blood samples for analysis.
  • Work in hospitals, clinics, or make house calls.

What Skills and Abilities Will You Need?

  • Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of blood drawing (phlebotomy).
  • Meet professional standards for cleanliness (sterile techniques).
  • Be willing to deal with the sick.
  • Demonstrate a caring attitude.
  • Be well organized.
  • Work well with other health personnel.
  • Work accurately.
  • Requires precise, careful work.
  • Be able to read, understand and follow written and spoken directions.
  • Be able to comprehend what is read.
  • Be able to spell correctly (patients’ names, medical terms, lab tests, diagnostic codes).
  • Be able to recall information from previous classes and experiences.
  • Multitask.
  • Think quickly on your feet.
  • Possess basic computer skills, as student Phlebotomists will use computer systems during the clinical rotation.
  • Have good hygiene.
  • Be of sound physical and mental health.

What Else Should I Consider about this Specialist Certificate?

  • Work on shifts, weekends and holidays.
  • Adapt to routine procedures.
  • Provide own transportation to and from your class AND your clinical rotation site.  Rotation sites are usually within 1 hour driving distance from a student’s home.

Nondiscrimination Policy

Des Moines Area Community College shall not engage in or allow discrimination covered by law. This includes harassment based on race, color, national origin, creed, religion, sex (including pregnancy and marital status), sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability and genetic information. Veteran status in educational programs, activities, employment practices, or admission procedures is also included to the extent covered by law. Individuals who believe they have been discriminated against may file a complaint through the College Discrimination Complaint Procedure. Complaint forms may be obtained from the Campus Provost’s office, the Academic Deans’ office, the Judicial Officer, or the EEO/AA Officer, Human Resources. For information about the ADA, the Section 504/ADA Coordinator can be contacted at 515-964-6857. For Title IX questions and concerns contact 515-964-6850.

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