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2022-2023 Course Catalog 
2022-2023 Course Catalog
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MAT 121 - College Algebra

Credits: 4
Lecture Hours: 4
Lab Hours: 0
Practicum Hours: 0
Work Experience: 0
Course Type: General
This course provides an intensified study of algebraic techniques and prepares students for future study in mathematics. The central theme of this course is the concept of a function and its graph. Topics include: linear functions, polynomial functions, piece-wise functions, rational functions, radical functions, exponential/logarithmic functions, and systems of equations.
Prerequisite: Minimum ALEKS scores of 46% or MAT 073  with a C- or better
  1. Analyze equations, inequalities, and mathematical models
    1. Graph equations and inequalities
    2. Solve linear, quadratic, polynomial, rational, radical, and absolute value equations
    3. Model real-world situations through mathematics
    4. Simplify complex numbers
  2. Evaluate functions
    1. Calculate slope of linear functions
    2. Calculate midpoint and distance between two points
    3. Determine domain and range
    4. Utilize vertical line test
    5. Distinguish properties of functions (including piece-wise functions)
    6. Compare and contrast functions and their transformations
    7. Analyze combinations of functions
    8. Describe inverse functions
  3. Evaluate polynomial functions
    1. Analyze a polynomial function and relate it to a real-world application
    2. Rewrite a quadratic function in standard form
    3. Find the vertex and any x-intercepts of a graph of a quadratic function
    4. Determine real and complex zeros of a polynomial function
    5. Utilize the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra
    6. Apply the intermediate value, remainder, factor, and rational root theorems to find polynomial roots
    7. Examine and graph polynomial functions
    8. Interpret inequalities involving polynomial functions
  4. Evaluate rational functions
    1. Analyze a rational function
    2. Determine horizontal/vertical/oblique asymptotes and any removable discontinuities
    3. Examine and graph a rational function
    4. Interpret inequalities involving rational functions 
  5. Evaluate exponential functions
    1. Analyze exponential functions
    2. Examine and graph exponential functions
    3. Solve exponential equations 
  6. Evaluate logarithmic functions
    1. Analyze logarithmic functions
    2. Apply the properties of logarithms
    3. Examine and graph logarithmic functions
    4. Solve logarithmic equations
    5. Apply exponential and logarithmic functions to problems involving interest, growth and decay
  7. Solve systems of equations
    1. Calculate and interpret solutions of linear systems
    2. Perform partial fraction decomposition
    3. Use Gaussian elimination to calculate matrix solutions to linear systems 

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