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2022-2023 Course Catalog 
2022-2023 Course Catalog
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FLF 242 - Intermediate French II

Credits: 4
Lecture Hours: 4
Lab Hours: 0
Practicum Hours: 0
Work Experience: 0
Course Type: Core
Continued review of grammatical constructions using cultural materials. Reading, writing and conversation will be emphasized in the context of cultural issues and current events.
Prerequisite: FLF 242 or permission of instructor
  1. Interpret nuances of language in written and oral form.
    1. Identify idiomatic expressions.
    2. Use appropriate verb forms in the target language where their usage differs from English
  2. Demonstrate speaking skills which include a variety of styles.
    1. Use idiomatic expressions in speech.
    2. Use appropriate informal and formal patterns of speaking, depending on the situation
    3. Present factual information, in the form of a short classroom presentation.
    4. Converse with native speakers or non-native speakers.
  3. Interpret abridged or annotated versions of literary works
    1. Read passages from literary works with the aid of a dictionary.
    2. Answer questions, both written and oral, about characters, events, and themes in the works
    3. Write about characters, events and themes in the works
  4. Interpret selected aspects of the history and literature of areas where the target language is spoken
    1. Identify some of the major writers of the language.
    2. Identify some of the important historical figures of focus areas.
    3. Describe some of the more important literary trends or movements in the language
  5. Demonstrate writing skills for both formal and informal writing tasks.
    1. Use correct grammatical forms, including subject, verb, and adjective agreement and verb tenses
    2. Display variety in style, using appropriate language for formal and informal tasks
    3. Write a short essay on a given topic.
    4. Demonstrate creative expression in writing
    5. Write a business letter
    6. Write a personal letter
  6. Demonstrate persuasive discourse
    1. Argue, orally, for or against a controversial issue.
    2. Argue, in writing, for or against a controversial issue.
  7. Assess the influence of the language and culture of focus areas on American culture, history, and language
    1. Recognize influences from the target language on English
    2. Recognize influences from the focus area on American traditions, customs, and lifestyles
  8. Demonstrate knowledge of the culture and customs of a particular region or area where the target language is spoken
    1. Answer questions, in written and oral form, about a specific area.
    2. Give a short oral presentation about a specific area.
  9. Express discomfort about physical and emotional conditions.
    1. Describe symptoms and feelings
    2. Complain about circumstances relating to personal conditions.
  10. Express impressions about selected topics and circumstances.
  11. Express intentions, preferences, opinions, needs, and wishes about selected topics and circumstances
  12. Express various emotions, including suggesting, demanding, and complaining about selected topics and circumstances
  13. Discuss plans for the future
  14. Demonstrate academic self-discipline
    1. Meet assigned deadlines
    2. Attend class regularly

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