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DMACC Policies and Procedures 
DMACC Policies and Procedures
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HR3440 - Pay for Faculty Employment


Section: HR

SubSection: Compensation



 I.   Institutional Regulations

A.  Regular Faculty employees shall be paid from the appropriate Board-approved faculty salary schedules.

B. Regular Faculty employees shall not be paid until all required documentation has been submitted and authorizations received (see HR 3130, HR3132, HR3150).

 II.   Procedure

A. HIRING RATE - A new Faculty employee shall be placed on the appropriate salary schedule lane and level, or above schedule if being hired for a difficult to fill position, in accordance with the collective bargaining agreement provisions. A supervisor’s request for an above schedule placement shall be in writing, include rationale for the request, and be attached to the recommended employee’s Hiring Proposal.

B.  ANNUAL PAY ADJUSTMENT - Annual pay adjustments allow for vertical movement through the levels on the faculty pay schedules and then for salary increases when employees move off of the schedule. Annual pay adjustments for faculty shall be negotiated and require recommendation of the President and approval by the Board.

C.  SDU LANE CHANGE - Staff development unit (SDU) credits allow for horizontal advancement across the lanes on the faculty pay schedules, in accordance with the provisions of the collective bargaining agreement.

D.  TRANSFER/REASSIGNMENT - A transfer is the movement of an employee from one Faculty position to another. 

  1. If the transfer is from one full-time to another full-time Faculty position, or a full-time to a part-time Faculty position, the lane and level of an employee on the pay schedule shall not change.   

  2. If the transfer is from a part-time to a full-time Faculty position, the level of an employee on the pay schedule shall be adjusted to reflect his/her full-time equivalent DMACC faculty service.

  3. If the transfer is between 9 and 12 month schedules or between full-time and part-time, the employee’s pay shall change.

E.  RELEASE TIME - Release time is time an employee is authorized to perform duties other than his/her normal teaching duties without a change in pay. Release time may be granted for program chair responsibilities, completion of special projects for the Dean/Provost, etc. It shall require approval by the appropriate Provost/Dean/Director and the Vice President, Academic Affairs.

  1. Release time shall be granted in ECHs, with 1 ECH of release time requiring 37½ hours of nonteaching work during the semester.

  2. Release time that would result in fewer than 8 ECHs of teaching duties shall require the special approval of the Vice President, Academic Affairs.

  3. A Faculty employee may have both release time and an overload (see HR 3455) in a given term.

F.  COACHING DUTIES - Coaching duties may involve either athletic activities or drama productions. Faculty employees shall be granted release time to assume these duties but if this is not possible or practical, they shall be given additional pay.

  1. Athletic activities - 4 ECH’s of release time or the approved supplemental pay per fiscal year per varsity sport;

  2. Drama productions - 4 ECH’s of release time or the approved supplemental pay per semester having drama productions.

G.  ON-LINE TEACHING PAY - Employees who teach on-line courses shall receive payment for attending training on on-line teaching techniques. Payment for the training shall be requested on an Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF).  Per the HEA bargaining agreement, instructors will receive extra pay per Equivalent Credit Hour for the first time a course is taught on-line. Payment is made in a lump sum at the end of the semester.

H.  DIRECTED STUDY and/or INDEPENDENT STUDY - Employees who teach directed study or independent study receive compensation equal to the amount of tuition paid by a student paying in-state tuition for the course.  Compensation for these courses is paid to the employee as a lump sum any time after midterm.  Payment for paperwork submitted will be based on the timesheet dates listed on the DMACC payroll calendar.  If the student drops or is dropped from the directed study or independent study course at or before midterm, the instructor shall receive 50% of the tuition as compensation.  If the student drops or is dropped from the course after midterm, the instructor will be paid the full amount of the tuition.

I.  TRAVEL PAY - Teaching faculty who are assigned to teach a regular course on more than one campus in the same day will receive travel pay for their travel between campuses if the travel mileage is greater than or equal to 25 miles (one way).The rate per mile travelled between teaching assignments shall be paid based on the negotiated travel pay rate. Travel pay does not include mileage between home and the first work location of the day, or from the last work location of the day to home. This travel pay is in addition to mileage reimbursement. Mileage reimbursement is covered by BS 5812.

J.  PAY FOR EXTRA DAYS - If Faculty employees, other than 12 Month Counselors and Librarians, are assigned extra days in addition to the duty days covered by their continuing contract, they shall be paid for the extra days.  Extra days assigned to a 9 Month Faculty employee during the fall or spring semester, or to a 12 Month Faculty employee, shall be paid at the daily rate shown on the employee’s continuing contract.  The rate is calculated as follows:

                                                Daily Rate = Contracted Annual Salary

                                                                           # Contract Days


  1. 9 Month Faculty who teach less than 6.5 ECHs during Summer term shall be paid at the Adjunct rate and pay shall be processed on an Adjunct Load form.  

  2. Faculty who work 6.5 ECHs or more during Summer term shall be considered to have an extension of assignment and shall be paid using the calculation shown below. . Extension of assignments shall require approval through the Vice President, Academic Affairs.

                                9 month contracted salary X .2515 X Summer FTE

        3. Extra summer work days assigned to a 9 Month Faculty employee shall be paid at a different rate because 9 Month Faculty have a     different daily rate in the summer. This adjusted rate is referred to as an “extra summer days” daily rate and is calculated as follows:             

                Extra Summer Days Daily Rate = 9 mo. Contracted Salary X .2515/53 Summer

               (Note: Counselors have 64 summer duty days)

4.   9 Month Faculty who are assigned release time during the Summer term, including Chairperson/Group Leader responsibilities, and      their total Summer load is less than 6.5 ECHs, shall be paid their extra summer work days daily rate for the release time. ECHs of  release time shall be converted to days with 1 ECH requiring 37½ hours of nonteaching work. An Additional Pay Form authorizing the work shall be submitted. For audit purposes, time shall be reported to Payroll through the Employee Web in hourly increments.


Cross Reference:
Board Policy 419 - Wages  

Adopted: October 1, 2002
Reviewed: March 2021

December 1, 2003

November 1, 2007

November 1, 2008

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