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DMACC Policies and Procedures 
DMACC Policies and Procedures
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F808 - Sites & Buildings


Section: Facilities

Site & Building Specifications:

The Board shall accept as minimum standards such site and building specifications as issued by the Iowa Department of Education and all governing bodies having jurisdiction. New construction will evaluate the feasibility of LEED Silver certification in partial or full. The Board may adopt additional standards over and above the specifications issued by the Department of Education as it deems necessary and beneficial to the College.

Acquisition of Sites and Buildings:

The President shall present for Board approval the acquisition of all sites and buildings prior to any action concerning the same.

Selection of Architect:

Architects shall be selected by the Board with the counsel and recommendation of the President and other administrative staff members for each specific project.

Upon engagement by the Board, the architects shall be under the supervision of the President.

Construction of Buildings and Sites:

All buildings and construction work constructed under the control of the College and paid for in whole or in part with college funds and costing in excess of the current competitive quotation or bid threshold as established by law must be approved by the Board in compliance with the competitive quotation or bidding procedures, as appropriate, set out in the Iowa Code. All other buildings and construction work shall be in accordance with procedures approved by the President.

Requests for Bids shall include at least the following:

  1. Specifications for Construction Services at Des Moines Area Community College:

    The Owner, Contractor, and Subcontractors understand the need to employ workers who are trained to work safely and competently and to meet recognized standards of care on the job site.

    To that end, it is the policy of the College that general contractors and subcontractors selected for construction projects provide for training of their employees in the work which they have contracted to perform for the Owner, either directly or as a subcontractor, according to the following guidelines and procedures.
    1. Each bidder shall be required to include in their bid package for construction of the project the following representations:
      1. As to all labor to be performed for the College, the general contractor or a subcontractor agrees that it will provide for applicable training for the activities to be performed;
      2. Only employees who have completed training or are enrolled in training shall be employed on the construction project;
      3. All individuals to perform labor for the general contractor or subcontractors, as specified above, will have current proof of completion of OSHA safety training prior to commencing work on the project.
    2. Bidders shall verify, as a part of their bid, the training and preparation that workers on the project have received that is applicable to the work to be performed for the College.
    3. It is the specific intent of this Policy to not preclude either a union or non-union employer from being able to submit a qualified bid for projects.
    4. As to any decision or interpretation to be made under this policy, RFP, bid or contract, the decision of the Board on this matter shall be final.
  2. Requirement regarding all Labor Employed on the Project
    1. The individuals performing labor for the general contractor or any subcontractors must be the legal and financial responsibility of the contractor or subcontractor. No liability or responsibility shall pass to the College.
    2. No liability for the acts of any person performing activities under the contract or while they are on campus shall pass to the College. The entity retaining the employee or worker shall assume all liability, of any kind.
  3. Requirement of Disclosure of Subcontractors Used

    Contractors will identify all subcontractors performing 5% or more of the total contract value to the College within 3 days of being notified that the contractor appears to have the lowest responsive, responsible bid. Once the College receives this information, the bid can go to the College Board for final action. Any changes to be made by the prevailing bidder after their bid is accepted must be approved by the President and meet the same requirements as set forth in this Board Policy.

The College, at its discretion, may waive irregularities or reject any or all bids, and may refuse to award a contract upon the filing of false information or the failure to submit information required to assure compliance with this policy directive.

The College shall enter into such contract(s) as deemed to be in the best interest of the College.

Adopted: June 17, 1986
Reviewed: 2005, 2006, 2010, 2011

January 10, 2000

April 10, 2006

November 13, 2006

May 10, 2010

October 10, 2011

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