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DMACC Policies and Procedures 
DMACC Policies and Procedures
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HR427 - Faculty Qualifications & Role


Section: Human Resources


Faculty: Those who provide instruction at the College. Faculty at DMACC include instructors, professional counselors and librarians.

Role of Faculty:

  1. Demonstrate and improve content knowledge and understanding of discipline.
  2. Meet applicable workplace/accreditation standards.
  3. Demonstrate competence in planning, research, and preparation for assigned duties.
  4. Engage students and develop thinking, problem solving, and performance skills.
  5. Consistently evaluate student learning and, when appropriate, student personal development.
  6. Create safe environments that promote positive social interactions, engagement, and self-motivation.
  7. Apply teaching and learning commitment and responsibility to the institution.
  8. Collaborate with colleagues, staff, and administration to develop programming, course competencies and activities to meet students, workforce, and community needs.
  9. Demonstrate competency using teaching and learning technology.

Faculty Qualifications:

Qualified faculty members are identified primarily by credentials, but additional factors, including but not limited to work experience, may be considered by the College in determining whether a faculty member is qualified.

Faculty teaching non-vocational credit courses must hold a master’s degree or higher in the discipline. If a faculty member holds a master’s degree or higher in a discipline or subfield other than that in which they are teaching, that faculty member should have completed a minimum of 18 graduate semester credit hours in the discipline or subfield in which they teach.

Faculty teaching vocational credit courses hold a related educational credential and typically 3 or more years of related non-teaching experience.

Adjuncts and Dual Credit faculty have the same qualification requirements as full time faculty.

Exceptions to standard faculty qualifications require approval of the appropriate Academic Dean.

Legal Reference:
Iowa Code 260C.48

Cross Reference:
Procedures HR3125 - Hiring Process for Adjunct, Temporary and Student Employees 

Procedure HR3130 - Hiring Process for Regular Employees 

Procedure HR3207 - Quality Faculty Plan 

HLC Policy CRRT.B.10.020 - Assumed Practices

ECH Load Policy

Adopted: September 14, 2020

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