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DMACC Policies and Procedures 
DMACC Policies and Procedures
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HR426 - Employee Leave


Section: Human Resources

The College recognizes the need for leave from work so that Regular employees may attend to responsibilities and personal needs outside of the work day and schedule. Upon recommendation of the President, the Board may approve all modifications in leave types, leave eligibility and accrual rates. The Board directs the President to develop and promulgate leave usage and reporting procedures in accordance with applicable state and/or federal law.

Regular employees shall be eligible to receive the following types of leave:

  1. Sick Leave
  2. Vacation Leave
  3. Holiday Leave
  4. Personal Business Leave
  5. Bereavement Leave
  6. Court and Jury Leave
  7. Military Leave
  8. Professional Leave
  9. Leave without pay
  10. Long Term Disability Leave without pay
  11. Family and Medical Leave (see Policy 422 )
  12. Faculty Sabbatical
  13. Veterans Day Leave

Legal Reference:
Iowa Code Section 260C.14(5)

Cross Reference:
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Adopted: November 20, 1984
Reviewed: 2005, 2011, 2020

January 10, 2000

August 8, 2005

January 4, 2010

March 8, 2010

September 14, 2020

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