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DMACC Policies and Procedures 
DMACC Policies and Procedures
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ES4565 - Course Repeats




Master List Section: Student Services

  1. Institutional Regulations
    1. The Board of Directors of DMACC confers upon the staff the power to establish academic standards as they relate to the educational process.
  2. Procedure
    1. Course Repeats
      1. A student may repeat any course previously taken at DMACC if the course is offered regardless of the original grade earned. Only the most recent grade will count in the grade point average and credit for the course, if earned, will be awarded for only the most recent enrollment. The course must be the exact course in order for the repeat procedure to apply.
      2. The earlier grade will remain on the transcript but will be followed by the symbol (E) which will indicate that this grade is excluded from the G.P.A. The new grade will be followed by the symbol (I) which will indicate that this grade is included in the G.P.A.
      3. Courses taken at other institutions may not be used to improve the Des Moines Area Community College grade point average. These courses may be used to satisfy program requirements provided other rules pertaining to transfer credit are met.
      4. If a student transfers a course into Des Moines Area Community College and then completes the equivalent DMACC course, the DMACC course will remain on the student’s transcript, be included in the grade point average, and count toward degree requirements if appropriate. The transfer credit will be forfeited.
      5. Withdrawing from a course that is being repeated and receiving a mark of “W” does not constitute a course repeat.

Adopted: November 1, 2004
Reviewed: 9/22/22

November 1, 2004, May 2005

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