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DMACC Policies and Procedures 
DMACC Policies and Procedures
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ES4554 - Registration Status Procedure




Master List Section: Student Services

  1. Institutional Regulations

    The Board of Directors of DMACC confers upon the staff the power to establish academic standards as they relate to the educational process.
  2. Procedure
    1. Late Registration
      1. After the Add Period for the Semester has passed a student may not register for classes unless the student is registering for a late start class.
      2. If registering for a late start class (e.g., class begins after the first week of the semester) the student must register on or before the first day of the class.
      3. Appeal of Late Registration Policy. A student may appeal the DMACC’s late registration policy based on the following:
        1. Erroneously reported as Never Attending (NA);
        2. Dropped for non-payment after the term begins; or
        3. Transfer from previous institution does not align with the start of a DMACC term.
      4. A student may appeal DMACC’s late registration policy by:
        1. Contacting the Academic Dean or Campus Provost (or his/her designee).
        2. Student’s appeal must:
          1. Be presented in a timely manner;
          2. Contain evidence of attendance; and
          3. In the case of transferring from another institution, evidence that he/she was accepted for enrollment (e.g., letter of acceptance; copy of registration; copy of schedule of classes for the current term).
      5. Decision Process
        1. The Academic Dean or Campus Provost (or his/her designee);
          1. Will research the student’s appeal.
          2. Make a decision based on:
            1. Verification of student’s claim and documentation;
            2. If a seat is available and the instructor’s recommendation; and
            3. How far into the term the request is made.
        2. The decision made by the Academic Dean or Campus Provost (or his/her designee) is final.
    2. Last Date to Drop/Withdrawal/Change to Audit The last date for a student to drop, withdraw from the College, or change to audit is designated as the 50th class day for fall and spring semesters. A student may complete the Drop/Add procedure through the Registration Office or may drop courses through the College’s online registration system. Courses which do not follow the normal semester schedule will have prorated last dates to drop. These dates can be obtained from the Student Records Office.
    3. A student may be administratively withdrawn from a course or courses according to procedures related to financial aid attendance policies (see ES4305 - Financial Aid Attendance Process ).
    4. Student Services administrative staff may also drop students from courses or deny enrollment for the same reasons as do instructors as listed above in Section C.
    5. There may be other circumstances under which the authority to drop is granted based on contractual agreements with Des Moines Area Community College.

Adopted: August 21, 1997
May 1, 2014

September 14, 2022 - Changes made to procedure that were submitted by Heidi Heilskov, Registrar.

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