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DMACC Policies and Procedures 
DMACC Policies and Procedures
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ES4541 - Independent Study




Master List Section: Student Services

  1. Institutional Regulation

    Students will be offered the opportunity to explore topics not covered in the general curriculum by enrolling in Independent Study courses.
  2. Procedure
    1. Independent Study is available to increase the flexibility of the instructional program by providing another learning option for the student. It is designed to serve two functions:
      1. To give the student the opportunity to explore topics not covered in regular course offerings.
      2. To allow credit to the student who wishes to go into greater depth with topics introduced in the classroom.
    2. Independent Study represents a contract between an instructor and a student. It is offered at the option of the instructor. No student may register for Independent Study unless he/she has prearranged the activities with an instructor and has the instructor’s approval. If an instructor agrees to supervise an Independent Study for a student, the instructor must meet with the student and complete the form “Contract for Independent Study.”
    3. The course titled “Independent Study” is part of the college curriculum. Independent Study course credit varies from 1 to 4 semester hours which must be determined on the contract.
    4. After the student and instructor have completed and signed the “Contract for Independent Study” form, it must be signed by the Program Chairperson/Group Leader and Academic Dean/Provost. When this is complete, the student will take the approved form to the Registration office to be registered for Independent Study and pay standard tuition charges.
    5. No student may apply more than eight (8) semester hours of Independent Study toward the graduation requirements of an academic program. No more than 4 hours of Independent Study may be taken in a given semester.
    6. Independent Study may not be used to earn credit for any courses listed in the College catalog or substitute for any required or option courses in a program. Credit may only apply toward elective.
    7. The completion of an Independent Study need not be limited to the regular semester schedule. The contract completion date will be agreed upon by the student and instructor and indicated on the contract form. All course work must be completed by midterm of the subsequent semester.

Adopted: August 21, 1997
Reviewed: 9/22/22

August 1, 2003, October 18, 2005

Related Form: https://internal.dmacc.edu/student_services/int/Procedures/ES4541%20Final%20-%20Form.pdf

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