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DMACC Policies and Procedures 
DMACC Policies and Procedures
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ES4030 - Student Field Trips




Master List Section: Student Services

  1. Scope
    1. To establish the procedure when setting up a field trip, including requesting permission for and receiving approval to take a field trip.
  2. Institutional Regulations
    1. All field trips related to instructional activities shall be approved in advance by the appropriate dean/campus provost.
  3. Procedure
    1. Instructional Function: Field trips should contribute to the educational experience. The students need to know what to expect and how they will benefit. The receiving individual with whom the field trip is scheduled should be informed about the expectations of the group.
    2. Organizing: The instructor/program chairperson will make all necessary arrangements for the field trip, sufficiently in advance, so that adequate preparations can be made with students, business/firm/ industry/site/clinic, and the College.
    3. Local Field Trips: The instructor/program chairperson will complete and submit Field Trip Notification and Request for Transportation forms (see attached) to the appropriate dean/campus provost one week prior to the event.
    4. Out of State or Over Night Field Trips: The instructor will complete and submit forms (Field Trip Notification/Approval (ES4030-A Form), Request for Transportation, Request for Leave and Travel, and an itinerary) two weeks prior to the event.
    5. Financing: The instructor will inform the department or campus provost of the financial arrangements for the field trip. The event may be financed by one or a combination of program budget lines (647 or 648), program club funds and/or contributions of participating students. Financial arrangements for the field trip must be made prior to the event.
    6. Transportation: The instructor is expected to make adequate provisions for transportation, preferably using College vehicles or chartered buses (see procedure BS5518 ).
    7. Sponsors: There will be at least one College representative/staff/sponsor/instructor to accompany each group of thirty students.

Adopted: July 1, 1990
August 1, 2003, March 2005

December 1, 2021 - Updated Link to form.

Related Form: https://internal.dmacc.edu/student_services/int/Procedures/ES4030%20Final%20-%20Form.pdf

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