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DMACC Policies and Procedures 
DMACC Policies and Procedures
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ES4020 - Guidelines for Adjunct Faculty




Master List Section: Student Services

  1. Scope
    1. To establish a procedure for recruitment of adjunct faculty members.
  2. Institutional Regulations
    1. Recruitment
      1. Selection shall involve program faculty, and academic, and executive deans.
      2. A written appointment letter will be sent to adjunct faculty specifying terms of employment.
      3. For each adjunct faculty member, copies of their application, transcripts, and Course Approval Forms will be maintained in Human Resources.
      4. A personal face-to-face interview will be required of all adjunct faculty.
    2. Staff Development/Licensure
      1. All adjunct faculty will be required to document that their education and experience meet Board of Educational Examiners standards for the courses they are assigned to teach by completing an application and attaching appropriate transcripts.
      2. All adjunct faculty will be required to attend a locally developed staff development workshop.
    3. Curriculum
      1. Each adjunct faculty member shall receive orientation in the course and subject matter from a program chair, a full-time faculty member, or a designee of the dean/campus executive dean.
      2. All adjunct faculty will follow the approved course outlines.
      3. All adjunct faculty will develop syllabi for each of their courses to be submitted to the appropriate college supervisor during the first week of the semester.
      4. Adjunct faculty shall have access to curriculum, test bank materials, and instructional materials which have developed.
      5. Adjunct faculty are encouraged to share any materials they develop while teaching a course.
    4. Communication
      1. Opportunities for communication shall exist between full-time and adjunct faculty. Two-way communication should include feedback from adjunct faculty.
      2. The supervising dean/campus executive dean shall ensure that adjunct faculty are encouraged to participate in program and departmental meetings and functions.
    5. Evaluation
      1. An adjunct faculty member who is teaching for the first time should have his/her teaching observed and evaluated by midterm.
      2. An individual conference shall be scheduled with the supervisor to review the evaluation. Subsequent evaluations will be scheduled when appropriate but should occur no less than once each academic year. Specific suggestions for improvement, when appropriate, should be documented. Progress should be reviewed in subsequent evaluations.
      3. Student evaluations should be administered in each course taught by an adjunct faculty member. The evaluations should be shared with the faculty member and supervisor.
    6. Support Services
      1. Adjunct faculty will have access to all instructional support services available to full-time faculty.
      2. The reporting relationship and administrative structure will be clearly communicated to each adjunct faculty member by the supervising dean.
      3. A contact person will be identified for adjunct faculty during the hours that they are teaching on campus.

Adopted: July 1, 1990
August 1, 2003

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