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DMACC Policies and Procedures 
DMACC Policies and Procedures
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BS5544 - Traffic and Parking Rules and Regulations



SubSection: SECURITY

Master List Section: Facilities

  1. Scope

    To inform drivers of vehicles on college property of rules and regulations pertaining to operations and parking of those vehicles.
  2. Institutional Regulations

    A uniform set of traffic and parking regulations shall be drawn up and published for control of vehicular traffic on college roadways and parking lots. Responsibility for drawing up these rules and regulations shall rest with the Parking Rules and Regulations Committee subject to approval and acceptance by the Executive Council. Rules and regulations will be reviewed as necessary and updated to cover current situations. Enforcement of these rules and regulations will be the responsibility of the Director of Physical Plant through a regular security force.
  3. Procedure
    1. Rules and regulations will be established and published a minimum of ten days to become effective. Copies of current rules and regulations will be supplied to each college employee or student.
    2. Violations of approved college “Traffic Rules and Regulations” or city, state, or federal laws shall be cited by Physical Plant security personnel and assessments or penalties as stated shall be assessed. Failure to respond to citations and pay assessments as levied can result in refusal by the college to release transcripts for students, denial of the privilege of registering in subsequent semesters, and revocation of college parking privileges after formal notification as stated in the Parking Rules and Regulations.
      1. Faculty and staff with outstanding violation ticket(s) will be notified via certified letter each semester of their outstanding violation ticket(s). If payment of ticket(s) is not made within 30 days after receipt of the certified letter, the DMACC Business Office will employ their standard procedures for collection and may turn past due indebtedness over to a collection agency.
    3. A uniform system of appeals of citations will be established as recommended by the Parking Rules and Regulation Committee, approved and accepted by the Executive Council. Reviews and updates will be made regularly by the Parking Rules and Regulation Committee. Current appeals procedures shall be made a part of “Traffic Rules and Regulations”.
    4. All vehicles regularly used by college administrators, staff, and students must have college parking permits affixed. (See Procedure Number BS5517 )
    5. Special, reserved parking spaces in each parking lot will be allocated and identified for use exclusively by handicapped drivers. Reviews will be made to assure that adequate handicapped spaces are allocated as required by State and Federal Law.
    6. Timed loading zones are located to provide business access to all buildings on campus for use by vendors, staff and students. Noted time limits on each area must be observed to assure that all concerned can make intended use of these loading areas. Security personnel will issue citations to vehicles exceeding posted time limits. 
    7. Assignment or reassignment of entire parking lot or lots will be in accordance with Procedure BS5413 .
    8. Parking Rules and Regulations enforcement policies are the responsibility of the Director of the Physical Plant. These include types and amounts of fines, collection of fines, permits and vehicle speed control.

Adopted: July 1, 2000
Reviewed: November 2007

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