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DMACC Policies and Procedures 
DMACC Policies and Procedures
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BS5760 - Annual Budge Approval Process




Master List Section: Business Service

  1. Institutional Regulations

    The College’s Board of Directors and the general public have the right to review the annual budget proposal. A forum (public hearing) is required to allow the general public an opportunity to express their opinions concerning the expenditure of public money.
  2. Procedure
    1. February Board Meeting:
      1. The College’s Administration shall provide a copy of the next year’s proposed budget to the Board of Directors.
      2. The Board shall receive and file the proposal.
      3. The Board shall select a date prior to March 15th for a public hearing on the proposed budget.
      4. The Board shall instruct the Administration to publish a notice of public hearing in a publication of general distribution no more than 20 days prior nor 10 days before the hearing date.
    2. March Board Meeting:
      1. Public Hearing:
        1. The Board shall hear comments from the general public regarding the proposed budget.
      2. Regular Meeting:
        1. The Board may make changes to the proposed budget after hearing comment from the general public.
        2. The Board shall adopt the proposed budget.
        3. The budget shall then be considered as adopted and College Administration shall adjust the budget proposal in accordance with the Board’s direction.
    3. The Business Office shall submit documents and copies of the adopted budget in accordance with state and county requirements.

Adopted: July 1, 2000

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