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DMACC Policies and Procedures 
DMACC Policies and Procedures
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BS5309 - Cell Phones




Master List Section: Business Service

  1. Institutional Regulations
    2. DMACC owned cell phones shall be used for college business by fulltime employees to meet an administrative operations or emergency response need.  To also facilitate the conduct of operations and enhance emergency preparedness, the College may provide a monthly stipend to other designated fulltime employees who regularly use eligible personally-owned devices to conduct college business. Participation in the program is based on approval.
    3. The College will not own cell phones for the use of individual employees except in limited situations that require specific equipment or similar technology to perform business related functions (e.g. physical plant, security, coaches, etc) at the discretion of Purchasing with Vice President Approval.
    4. Employees using cellular devices for College business must comply with all Federal and State data maintenance and protection laws (e.g., FERPA, record retention requirements, etc.), as well as all College policies, including those pertaining to data security and email. Promptly report if device is stolen or missing by completing an incident report.
    5. Per HR3160 Remote Office Requirements, Internet Service and Phone Service are costs borne by the employee and as such are no longer considered reimbursable expenses.
  2. Procedure
    1. Stipends:
      1. Eligible employees shall receive a stipend of $50 a month ($25 each pay period) based on business need and upon approval by completing the Cell Phone Questionnaire form. The stipend will be considered a non-taxable fringe benefit to the employee. Once approved, the employee will receive the stipend each month through payroll. An employee may be eligible for the stipend if at least one of the following criteria is met:
        1. The job function of the employee requires considerable time outside of the office, work area, remote work area, home office, or considerable irregular hours and the employee must be accessible during those times;
        2. The job function of the employee requires wireless data and internet access while spending considerable time away from campus or remote work location; and/or
        3. The employee is designated as a “first responder” to emergencies.
      1. Recipients of cell phone stipends have the following responsibilities:
        1. Purchase cellular phone service and equipment and assume responsibility for vendor terms and conditions. The employee is responsible for plan choices, service features, and calling areas that meet the requirements of the job and the area of service the stipend is intended to cover (on campus, remote work location, during travel or at home). This includes termination clauses, and paying all charges associated with the cellular service and device.
        1. Maintain an active service contract for the duration of the stipend. You will be required to submit billing statements and certify business related use by filling out the Cell Phone Questionnaire form annually.
        1. Report any changes in job functions that eliminate or significantly reduce the business need for a cell phone to your supervisor.
        1. Avoid using the cellular phone for work related purposes while operating a motor vehicle, machinery or in other dangerous situations.
        1. Delete all College data from the cell phone when employment with the college is severed, except when required to maintain the data in compliance with a litigation hold notice.
    1. College Owned Devices:
      1. The College shall own and maintain a limited number of cell phones for emergency and/or other business purposes including:
        1. Shared department cell phone
        2. On-Call department cell phone
        3. Approved positions
      1. Requests for College-owned cell phones must be approved by Purchasing, the employee’s Supervisor and a Vice President/ President. Departments requesting a College-owned phone must demonstrate that a College-owned phone is the only or best solution. All costs associated with the College-owned phone, including equipment and monthly service, will be charged back to the requesting department. Purchasing will provide the department a list of phones that are of best value.
      1. Employee use of College-owned phones is limited to official College business only. Purchasing may request payment if personal charges occur. The College will only make changes to individual plans for travel, etc. with Vice President approval.
      1. Any app (example: TikTok) that has been banned by the State of Iowa or Federal Government cannot be installed on the DMACC owned device.
    1. Any stipend agreement or College-owned phone will be immediately cancelled if an employee terminates employment with the College or the functions of the job change. A new form can be completed for new job position if eligible and submitted to Purchasing. Employee may be subject to a discovery request for email or text for future litigation. All fees associated with changes or cancellation of the cell phone contract will be paid by
      1. The employee if paid by monthly stipend
      2. The College department for College-owned phones

June 1, 2023

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