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DMACC Policies and Procedures 
DMACC Policies and Procedures
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BS5307 - Insurance - Reporting of Claims and Accidents




Master List Section: Business Service

  1. Institutional Regulations
    1. DMACC attempts to manage the College’s risk by carrying adequate insurance.
    2. All claims are to be reported on an Incident Report Form and sent to the Purchasing Office, except Worker’s Compensation incidents, which are handled through Human Resources. This office shall report all claims to the proper insurance carrier.
  2. Procedure
    1. Reporting
      1. All DMACC property losses should be reported to Security and documented on the DMACC Incident Report Form, which should directed to the Purchasing Department. If necessary, it is the responsibility of Security to notify the proper law enforcement agency.
      2. Bodily injury accidents involving students or visitors are to be reported on the Incident Report Form.
      3. Auto accidents involving DMACC vehicles are to be reported on the Incident Report Form with a copy to the Transportation Supervisor.
      4. Should the Director of Purchasing judge that the circumstances of an Incident Report later result in litigation against the College, the Director is responsible for the notification of the Vice President of Business Services.
    2. Replacement
      1. Insurance reimbursement of a covered loss shall be credited to the program account from which the property was initially purchased.
      2. It shall be the responsibility of the Dean to use the insurance proceeds to replace the equipment, as needed.

Adopted: July 1, 2000

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