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DMACC Policies and Procedures 
DMACC Policies and Procedures
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MC3221 - Naming College Buildings, Property and Other Spaces


Section: Management of the College

SubSection: Management of the College

Master List Section: Management of the College

  1. The Naming of Buildings, Property, and/or Any Space Therein
    1. Funding Guidelines for Naming Both New and Existing Facilities
      1. The naming of new and existing facilities may be recommended to the DMACC Board when a donor makes a minimum contribution of $500,000.
      2. To name a public area or section of a facility, such as a lobby, floor, atrium, athletic field or auditorium, a recommended gift of $150,000.
      3. To name a high traffic area, such as a street plaza, trail or building connector, a recommended gift of $150,000.
      4. To name a functional space of a facility, such as a laboratory or study area, a recommended gift of $50,000.
      5. To name an educational classroom, a recommended gift of $50,000.
      6. Notwithstanding these funding guidelines, the College will consider the totality of the potential donor’s support of DMACC and makes no promise or guarantee that a College facility or other property will be named in exchange for such contributions, nor shall a particular use of the facility or property be guaranteed.
    2. Guidelines for Gift Receipt Prior to Conferring New Facility Names
      1. Des Moines Area Community College will make no firm commitment to the naming, or even the construction of a new facility, until all of the funds have been raised or pledged and/or the Board and all appropriate governmental agencies have approved the project.
      2. New facilities may be named for non-donors when other donors wish to fund the project in the non-donor’s honor.
      3. New facilities may be named on the basis of irrevocable deferred or pledged gifts.
      4. New facilities may be named for persons making gifts of property (real or personal) if the value is within established guidelines.
    3. Guidelines for Gift Receipt Prior to Conferring Existing Facility Names
      1. Existing facilities, public areas and functional spaces may be named in recognition of deferred gifts and specified term pledges approved by the Board. However, DMACC must have received at least 25 percent of the pledge before the naming may be conferred and, should the pledge or deferred gift not be fulfilled, the name may be changed at the discretion of the Board.
      2. Existing facilities, public areas and functional spaces may be named and the name conferred for gifts of property.
    4. Authority The DMACC Foundation Board may elect to forward any recommendation at its discretion to the DMACC President who will present the recommendations to the DMACC Board. The final decision as to naming of any College property shall be made by the Board.
  2. Other Considerations for Granting Names, Awards or Recognitions.
    1. Consultations When the DMACC Foundation receives any request for honors and recognition, it shall consult with the President of the College before action is taken. Prior to action by the Board, adequate consultation with the honoree or his or her family or their representative(s) shall be conducted to assure that the naming is accomplished with appropriate dignity and decorum.
    2. Special Circumstances The DMACC Board may, at its discretion, name a building or any area or section of any DMACC campus in honor or in memory of the accomplishments or leadership of individuals or groups for extraordinary contributions to the College, its communities, or the cause of Community College education in the Region or State, without requiring the funding requirements outlined above.
    3. Former DMACC Presidents
      1. Individuals or groups associated with DMACC may initiate a request to name buildings, rooms and facilities of the College in recognition of former DMACC Presidents.
      2. All requests are presented to the current Office of the President and include the following:
        1. A rationale for requesting the naming of buildings, rooms and facilities of the College in recognition of the person.
        2. If appropriate, a biography or resume of the person.
      3. To be considered for recognition a former President of DMACC must meet or exceed the following criteria
        1. Served in the capacity of President for a minimum of five years.
        2. Made substantial personal and monetary contributions to DMACC.
        3. Provided recognizable and notable achievements during their tenure.

Relevant Policy: Policy MC322 - Naming College Buildings, Rooms and Facilities  

Reviewed: November, 2007

July 1, 2000; September 14, 2020

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