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2020-2021 Course Catalog 
2020-2021 Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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AGB 336 - Agricultural Selling

Credits: 3
Lecture Hours: 3
Lab Hours: 0
Practicum Hours: 0
Work Experience: 0
Course Type: Voc/Tech

Principles of selling with application to agricultural and food related businesses are explored. The attitudes, value systems, and behavioral patterns that relate to agricultural sales are also included. Students will learn marketing, selling strategies, preparing for sales calls, making sales presentations, handling objections, and closing sales. Analysis of the buying or purchasing process along with evaluation of the agricultural selling profession will be examined.
  1. Examine careers, opportunities, and benefits of personal selling
    1. Discuss the unique advantages of personal selling
    2. Discuss current issues and trends in sales training
    3. Determine the variety of career opportunities of personal selling
    4. Identify the rewards in personal selling careers
    5. Explain the work environment as it pertains to personal selling.
    6. Discuss future employment opportunities in personal selling.
  2. Compare psychological and social aspects of human buying behavior.
    1. List the factors that influence buying decisions
    2. Explain the complex nature of consumer motivation
    3. Define buying motives, i.e., emotional, rational, patronage
    4. List ways to discover buying motives
    5. Demonstrate the consultative selling model
    6. List the mental steps in the buying process
    7. Define buyer action theory
    8. Define need/satisfaction theory
  3. Model appropriate sales professionalism and ethics.
    1. Discuss the impact of self-image in the field of selling.
    2. List the various kinds of nonverbal, visual, and auditory data that influences the image you project
    3. Describe how to dress for success
    4. Discuss the importance of ethical standards in the field of selling.
    5. List the legal and ethical standards in selling
    6. Practice ethical standards in the sales profession
  4. Demonstrate the sales process.
    1. Discuss the importance of identifying prospects
    2. List sources of prospects
    3. Describe how to qualify prospects
    4. Discuss how to secure the interview
    5. Describe effective approaches used with the customers
    6. Demonstrate ways to capture the prospect’s attention.
    7. Identify ways to be used to arouse the prospect’s interest
    8. List the types of information to know about one’s competition.
    9. Describe the benefits derived from competition knowledge
    10. List the types of information to know about one’s company.
    11. Describe the benefits to be derived from company knowledge.
    12. Describe the kinds of product knowledge that should be acquired by sales people
  5. Demonstrate methods of closing the sale.
    1. Discuss sources of product knowledge.
    2. Discuss product features vs. product benefit
    3. Demonstrate knowledge of the basic steps of the pre-approach
    4. Describe how to secure an interview.
    5. Determine sources of prospect information 
    6. Identify appropriate time to close sale
    7. Discuss steps to follow with either an affirmative or negative sales response
    8. Identify appropriate time to close sale
    9. Demonstrate methods of closing the sale
    10. Discuss steps to follow with either an affirmative or negative sales response
  6. Write out the steps and goals of the sales presentation
    1. List the steps included in the sales presentation
    2. Identify the goals to be accomplished by a sales presentation
    3. Determine the guidelines for developing an effective presentation
    4. Explain the purpose and use of presentation strategies
    5. Outline common sales presentation strategies
    6. Describe how to create and maintain records of sales documents.
    7. Use the various types of selling aids
    8. Demonstrate effective ways of using sales aids
    9. Conduct a role played sales presentation
  7. Demonstrate techniques of servicing the sale
    1. Demonstrate activities involved in customer service.
    2. Define customer service strategies and their value
    3. Explain common reasons for sales resistance.
    4. Demonstrate strategies for handling sales resistance.
    5. Describe methods to deal with customer complaints

Competencies Revised Date: 2019

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