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2020-2021 Course Catalog 
2020-2021 Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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APP 255 - Intro to Garment Construction

Credits: 3
Lecture Hours: 2
Lab Hours: 2
Practicum Hours: 0
Work Experience: 0
Course Type: Voc/Tech

This course is intended for the student with very little or no sewing experience who would like to learn the basics of sewing. The course includes construction of two or more simple garments and/or projects. Students are encouraged but not required to provide their own sewing machine and are required to furnish their own sewing kit (straight pins, tape measure, pin cushion, hand sewing needles/sharps, seam ripper, small scissors for trimming, sewing gauge) as well as fabric and notions to complete projects.

1. Operate the sewing machine and sewing equipment.

1. Identify the parts of the sewing machine 

2. Thread the sewing machine and bobbin correctly

3. Replace the sewing machine needle

4. Follow simple trouble-shooting procedures for problems with the machine or stitching                 

2. Demonstrate correct body measurements and simple pattern alterations.

1. Take bust, waist, hip, back waist, rise, inseam, outseam and arm length measurements   

2. Complete simple length and width pattern alterations using the pattern pieces

3. Demonstrate basic sewing and pressing techniques

1. Use the press after sewing rule.

2. Press seams and other construction details appropriately

3. Describe the difference between pressing and ironing

4. Use appropriate iron temperature and technique for fabric used

5. Demonstrate basting, regular, reinforcement, topstitching and zigzag stitches

6. Demonstrate straight, french, flat felled, stitch in the ditch, understitch, rolled hem, and gathered seams

7. Complete a casing

8. Complete a facing and interfacing

9. Demonstrate how to sew a button hole and sew on a button

10. Demonstrate hand stitching, running stitch, whipstitch, blind stitch, slip stitch

11. Demonstrate a machine hem while using appropriate presser feet

12. Demonstrate other sewing techniques as time permits; i.e., zipper, pockets, different fabrics, etc. 

4. Use the pattern envelope to select appropriate fabric and notions

1. Identify fabric yardage and/or lining and interfacing requirements to complete a project by using fabric width, size, and pattern view information

2. Identify notions needed to complete a sewing project using the correct pattern view

5. Use the pattern guide sheet to layout and cut fabric correctly

1. Identify pattern symbols and shading to fold fabric correctly

2. Identify pattern symbols and shading to place pattern pieces on to fabric correctly

3. Follow pattern symbols for fold lines and cutting lines to cut fabric out correctly    

6. Use the pattern guide sheet to interpret and follow sewing directions

1. Identify guide sheet terminology and shading to interpret the instructions for sewing and pressing according to the pattern guide sheet

2. Use the correct view to construct the garment/project

3. Encourage independent work in class so students can continue outside of class in the future

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