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2020-2021 Course Catalog 
2020-2021 Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ART 197 - Photography Assistant Basics

Credits: 3
Lecture Hours: 2
Lab Hours: 2
Practicum Hours: 0
Work Experience: 0
Course Type: Voc/Tech

Students will learn about the expectations and demands of photo assisting commercial/portrait photographers through daily work at in studios and location shoots. Students will learn how to set up and break down photography equipment needed in daily photography shoots. Students will also learn how to set up tethered shooting using capture one software and Adobe Lightroom. Students will also learn about props and studio set design setup.  
Prerequisite: ART 186  , ART 225  ,
During this course, the student will be expected to: 

  1. Demonstrate the daily organization duties of a Photo Assistant. 
    1. Discuss the basic organization of photographer’s equipment. 
    2. Describe how to organize the photographer’s camera bag. 
    3. Explain how to set up the photographers work area. 
    4. Discuss transportation of the photographer’s gear to the studio set.
  2. Perform the Pre-Shoot preparations that need to be made for the photographer. 
    1. Demonstrate set up of studio lights. 
    2. Describe the set up of the laptop computer for tethered shooting. 
    3. Describe the best way to secure cabled to the ground using gaffer’s tape. 
  3. Distinguish how to keep all photography gear in working order. 
    1. Discuss how to charge and rotate camera batteries. 
    2. Name the best way to clean the camera image sensor. 
    3. Explain what is the best way to change a modeling light on the flash head.  
    4. Describe what is the best way to clean lenses and caps to the lenses. 
  4. Demonstrate how to set up and take down studio lighting. 
    1. Discuss how to set up a mono light head. 
    2. Define the function of a boom light. 
    3. Describe how to use background paper on set. 
    4. Demonstrate how to set up a Softbox and Octobox. 
    5. Identify an studio silk and how to set it up. 
  5. Evaluate communication skills that will be needed on set as a photo assistant. 
    1. Discuss why a great assistant is seen and not heard. 
    2. Identify the order of whom the assistant should communicate with on set. 
    3. Discuss why you should communicate any concerns with the shot with the photographer first before the client.             
    4. Discuss the importance of being anticipating the photographer’s needs on the set.  
  6. Demonstrate the Photo Assistants role in maintaining the computer and quality of focus and image quality. 
    1. Discuss the use of the capture one software to capture a digital image using the computer to trigger the camera. 
    2. Demonstrate how to set up the camera for tethered capture. 
    3. Identify how to check focus using the Capture One software. 
    4. Identify the IPTC info and how to fill it in for each digital file.  
  7. Classify the lighting set up used on set and file them in Job Worksheet. 
    1. Identify Job Worksheets. 
    2. Discuss filing lighting diagrams. 
    3. Explain importance of recording information on files shot for the client. 
  8. Demonstrate the ability to work with set designers, art directors, prop stylists. 
    1. Identify when the prop stylists need help moving products. 
    2. Discuss how to help set designer set up a wall and flooring on set. 
    3. Demonstrate how to work with art directors to display images on screen for   lay outs and cover over shots. 
  9. Evaluate different invoices and client booking software that is used by Photo Assistants. 
    1. Demonstrate how to use invoicing software. 
    2. Discuss how to use booking software to schedule clients. 
    3. Identify the clients needs for adding meta date and file info for their archive archive images. 




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