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2020-2021 Course Catalog 
2020-2021 Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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GRD 470 - Interactive Media I

Credits: 3
Lecture Hours: 2
Lab Hours: 2
Practicum Hours: 0
Work Experience: 0
Course Type: Voc/Tech

Learn a professional workflow using Dreamweaver and other software to create a website from the initial visual design to going “live” on the web. This class focuses on the workflow and the skills needed in each software package to get your site actually up and running on the web.
Prerequisite: GRD 463  or instructor permission

  1. Evaluate the limitations and advantages of working in multi-media and the web.
    1. Examine the internet and its role in entertainment and commerce.
    2. Discuss the technical aspects of delivering text and graphics via the web and how bandwidth, hardware and software impact the user experience.
    3. Distinguish between the different technical requirements of creating a website by studying provided hand-outs.
    4. Explain the impact of hand-held and other new devices on the design and implementation of web sites.
  2. Design a “best practices” workflow for planning and creating an identity on the web.
    1. Examine the concept of planning with a purpose for commerce, information, community, and/or entertainment.
    2. Establish a design and user-interface of a website based on primary, secondary, and peripheral audiences.
    3. Prepare strategies for utilizing graphics, photos, and other illustrations that are viewer focused and that reinforce the purpose of the site
    4. Examine possible copyright and property issues related to web content.
  3. Create a strategy to develop and maintain effective content.
    1. Determine the advantages and disadvantages of updating sites built in different frameworks.
    2. Produce site format and content based on pre-defined marketing objectives.
    3. Apply a client-focused strategy for maintaining content.
  4. Perform edits using specialized software to author HTML and JavaScript, control typography, and layout pages.
    1. Determine the advantages and disadvantages of using authoring software to generate HTML and javascript vs. writing code by hand.
    2. Produce HTML files that render accurately in major browsers and on all platforms using CSS and tables.
  5. Modify a “Dreamweaver site” by managing files and links.
    1. Explain the purpose of the tools and menus in site management software.
    2. Describe the relationship between the site window and the actual files on the hard disk.
    3. Prepare links and hyperlinks to work without errors.
    4. Use the various file types and formats correctly within a site. 
  6. Create animation and navigation using Rich Media software
    1. Explain the purpose of the tools and menus used in the authoring software.
    2. Produce efficient animation files using symbols and vector graphics.
    3. Implement scripts to control selected aspects of animations.
    4. Demonstrate how to export correctly optimized animation files to the proper folder within your website.
  7. Evaluate professional lab techniques when creating websites.
    1. Apply creative thinking skills to design the user interface and graphics.
    2. Produce quality projects within given timeframe to meet established deadlines.


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