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2020-2021 Course Catalog 
2020-2021 Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ART 101 - Art Appreciation

Credits: 3
Lecture Hours: 3
Lab Hours: 0
Practicum Hours: 0
Work Experience: 0
Course Type: Core

A general survey course that explores in chronological sequence many artists and their lives, styles and media. The student will use art to recognize global cultural diversity and connect to universal human experience as expressed through art.
  1. Identify the purposes and definitions of visual arts
    1. State the characteristics and purposes of general works of art
    2. Describe the function and explore the meaning of specific art objects
    3. Recognize the vocabulary of various artistic styles and art works
    4. Distinguish artistic periods with emphasis on style not chronology including but not limited to Prehistoric, Egyptian, Middle Ages, Renaissance, Modern, Post-Modern and Contemporary
  2. Interpret visual elements of art
    1. Identify common characteristics of visual arts across various cultures
    2. Explain distinguishing characteristics of works of art by various cultures
    3. Define the elements and principles of design for a better understanding of art
    4. Evaluate and critique works using principles of design
  3. Identify the major traits of each media of art
    1. Label media available for two-dimensional styles of art
    2. Label media available for three-dimensional styles of art
    3. Identify visual arts by mediums and techniques
  4. Analyze one specific work of art in an essay or presentation
    1. Categorize and identify the art elements
    2. Determine how the subject matter and art elements are related
    3. Interpret how this information helps define a meaning for the  work
    4. Evaluate and critique works using elements and principles of  design
  5. Synthesize various architectural spaces
    1. Classify visual arts in relationship to architectural spaces
    2. Explain the relationship of artistic characteristics in comparison to architectural spaces
    3. Evaluate and critique works using elements and principles of design
  6. Research various contemporary artists
    1. Assess various styles and characteristics of individual artists 
    2. Interpret design sensibilities of individual artists 
    3. Explain the role of diverse artistic styles and culture regarding individual artists


Competencies Revised Date: 2019

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