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2018-2019 Course Catalog 
2018-2019 Course Catalog
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ADM 188 - Project and Event Management

Credits: 3
Lecture Hours: 2
Lab Hours: 2
Practicum Hours: 0
Work Experience: 0
Course Type: Voc/Tech
Using a project-based approach, course is designed for business majors, entrepreneurs, administrative staff, or anyone dependent on office efficiency. Project/event management, professionalism, and decision-making skills will be developed. Use technology to coordinate essential activities including travel, event planning, video conferencing, scheduling, and document expediting. Students will incorporate skills and a mindset that will enhance the company’s productivity, mission, and team dynamics. Learn how to be successful in an office whether you are in charge of it or a part of it.  Students may not receive course credit for both ADM 188 and ADM 182.
  1. Assess the tasks related to the scheduling and planning of an event.
    1. Review common types of workplace meetings/events and delivery formats
    2. Describe event roles and responsibilities of the coordinator, company employees, suppliers, and participants
    3. Identify concerns and possible trouble shooting needed for an effective conference or convention
    4. Determine and operate under budget limitations
    5. Organize domestic & international travel arrangements and travel documents
    6. Prepare an agenda, event brochure, company logo, keynote bio, session descriptions, etc
    7. Apply critical thinking skills and make decisions under pressure
    8. Provide continuous feedback and collaboration with team members on the effectiveness of each component in the planning process
  2. Critique the characteristics for effective event promotional materials.
    1. Evaluate what constitutes professional appearance of support documents
    2. Incorporate all necessary event details for attendees
    3. Recognize and use appropriate etiquette in all communications such as printed information, signage, instant messaging, e-mail, phone, and any social media.
    4. Discuss event branding and company image
    5. Consider ease of use in all online materials, such as registration forms, and with data collection
    6. Describe how global and cultural diversity may affect event promotion and communication
  3. Justify the importance of collaboration with internal departments and outside resources during the planning of the event.
    1. Coordinate travel and venue logistics for attendees and event team
    2. Determine effective topics and speakers for the event and attendees
    3. Organize the scheduling and timing of all event happenings, catering, and necessary equipment
    4. Manage the event budget
    5. Monitor attendee information and special accommodations
    6. Explore the proper techniques for handling public relations with outside suppliers and guest speakers
  4. Compare and contract the use of technology and software packages in event and project management.
    1. Explore different project management software options
    2. Incorporate Google Sites and Google Forms as promotional and data collection tools
    3. Prepare a post-event analysis report
    4. Create a budget with Excel
    5. Use Word or similar package for supporting documents
    6. Analyze Skype and other online collaboration tools
    7. Use online collaboration with team members

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