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2018-2019 Course Catalog 
2018-2019 Course Catalog
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ACC 124 - Accounting Professionalism

Credits: 3
Lecture Hours: 3
Lab Hours: 0
Practicum Hours: 0
Work Experience: 0
Course Type: Voc/Tech
Covers all aspects of accounting career goal-setting, developing prospective accounting employer lists, resume writing, job application forms, employment tests, personal appearance, interviewing and follow-up. Covers meeting presentation skills and report writing. Discusses the duties of an accounting professional to the community. Reviews office etiquette and common professional courtesy.
(This course is Pass/Fail)
  1. Identify the opportunities in accounting
    1. List the types of positions open to an accounting major
    2. List the qualifications for various career opportunities
    3. List prospective employers
    4. Describe the certification process for various national and international accounting careers
    5. Give examples of ways accounting affects an individual’s life
    6. Discuss the types of economic systems affecting international trade
  2. Develop a personal inventory
    1. Identify interests, aptitudes, skills, experiences and accomplishments
    2. Convert individual strengths to match accounting career needs
    3. Discuss how individual weaknesses can be communicated in a positive way
    4. Write clear and concise short, intermediate and long term accounting career goals
    5. Define the ideal accounting job or position being sought
    6. Complete a personal reference list
    7. Develop an educational/career plan
  3. Develop a job seeking promotional package
    1. Demonstrate the use of social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc.) in development of a job search
    2. Prepare a personal resume template
    3. Write a letter of application
    4. Complete an accounting employment application properly
    5. Describe the development and use of a job portfolio
  4. Prepare for the employment interview
    1. Identify necessary steps to prepare for the interview
    2. Plan appropriate interview attire/image
    3. Prepare responses for commonly asked interview questions
    4. Demonstrate the proper technique for greeting the interviewer
    5. Demonstrate ways to sell oneself during the interview
    6. Prepare questions to ask the interviewer
    7. Demonstrate the proper way to end the interview
    8. Identify proper techniques in negotiating starting salary
    9. Research potential national and international employers
  5. Participate in professional development activities
    1. Attend guest speaker events
    2. Attend in business organization meetings/seminars
    3. Attend tours of selected businesses
  6. Exhibit professional conduct in meetings, committees, and class activities
    1. Discuss theb basics of international business etiquette
    2. Explain the meaning of cultural diversity in the workplace
    3. Review dining etiquette for business lunches/dinners
    4. Illustrate how to meet and greet people
    5. Discuss personal space
    6. Demonstrate telephone/e-mail etiquette
    7. Discuss the need for sensitivity in a multicultural enviroment
    8. Demonstrate procedures and protocol for business meetings
    9. Discuss basic office etiquette
    10. Present PowerPoint presentations on accounting/business topics
    11. Give effective oral reports on international accounting/business topics using powerpoint and other media
  7. Discuss community services
    1. Explore reputable charitable organizations and related fundraising activities
    2. Explain why community service is important to a professional
    3. Explore membership in student organizations such as Phi Beta Lambda, Student Action Board, or other on-campus groups
  8. Discuss business ethics
    1. Apply accepted ethical reasoning to business case studies.
    2. Present ethical case studies

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