May 19, 2022  
DMACC Policies and Procedures 
DMACC Policies and Procedures

DMACC Policies and Procedures

New Policies Pending Adoption

We care what you think! Please take a moment to review the following policies that are currently under review and afterwards send your feedback to

Board Policy

A written governance statement on a specific subject adopted by the Board aligned to the Strategic Plan to assist and support the mission and vision of the College.  

District Procedure

A written statement approved by the appropriate DMACC administrator, which provides rules or processes in carrying out or implementing Board policy or otherwise accomplishing the mission of the College and designating responsibility for the required action. Unless a Procedure has implications for change, the Policy and Procedure Commission will not review Procedure changes.


Policy and Procedure Commission Members

Members Phone Position Location Email
Allen, Shelli 515-964-6622 VP, Enroll Serv & Stu Success Ankeny
Crandon, Elizabeth 515-964-6323 Professor, Management Ankeny
Dickinson, Marc 515-964-6221 Professor, English Ankeny
Doke-Kerns, Jennie 641-791-1716 Dir, Justice Imp Comm & Ac Ser Urban
Erkkila, Rachel 515-433-5025 Assoc Provost, Boone/Ames Boone
Farlow, Carolyn 515-965-7067 Dir, Inst Effectiveness Ankeny
Gehlhaar, Denise 515-964-6217 Administrative Assistant 4 Ankeny
Hildreth, Shelby 515-433-5024 Lead Academic Advisor Boone
Isley, MD 515-964-6855 VP, Academic Affairs Ankeny
Julich, Jennifer 515-633-2405 Academic Advisor West
McCarville Kerber, Jeanie 515-965-7120 Academic Dean, Bus Mgmt/IT Ankeny
McClure, Christopher 515-964-6543 Professor, Mathematics Ankeny
Mohrhauser, Megan 515-964-6626 Research Analyst Ankeny
Owenson, Jenifer 515-964-6408 Exec Dir, Human Resources Ankeny
Schettler, Christy 712-792-8306 Administrative Assistant 3 Carroll clschettler@dmacc.ed
Spry-Knutson, Jennifer 515-433-5205 Professor, Fitness/Sports Mgm Boone
Stepleton Hardin, Nicole 515-964-6271 Asst. Dir., DEI Student Eng Ankeny
Tweedy, Thomas 515-964-6846 Counselor Ankeny
Vanderlinden, David 515-248-7224 Professor, Chemistry Urban
Whitver-Soyer, Kristina 712-792-8335 Counselor Carroll