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Student Handbook 2022-2023 
Student Handbook 2022-2023

College Communications

DMACC Website

DMACC’s website, www.dmacc.edu, offers a wide variety of information about the College’s educational offerings and services.

All official communication with students will be done through students’ DMACC email address. Contact DMACC Tech Support at www.dmacc.edu/helpdesk or call 515-965-7300 for assistance using webmail, or email techsupport@dmacc.edu.

User Name, Password, & DMACC ID Number

Upon acceptance to DMACC, students are emailed and mailed their DMACC user name, DMACC ID Number and a password. It is important for students to remember this information as it provides them access to DMACC-networked computers, Banner Self Service, my.dmacc.edu and DMACC coursework via Blackboard. For assistance, visit techsupport.dmacc.edu or call 515-965-7300.

USER NAME: The User Name, usually the student’s first initial, middle initial and last name (example: djsmith) is used in conjunction with a password to log on to DMACC computers and access myDMACC. If the student has a common name, then a number is usually assigned at the end of the User Name (example: djsmith23).

PASSWORD: For new students, usernames and passwords are generated upon acceptance. For returning students, network accounts are re-created one to two business days after registering for credit classes.

DMACC ID NUMBER: DMACC issues students a randomly generated identification number called the DMACC ID Number. This number is confidential and should be protected in the same manner as a Social Security number.

NOTE: DMACC personnel will send all email correspondence to the student’s DMACC email address.

myDMACC (Single Sign-on Portal)

Use your email address and network password to access my.dmacc.edu.

Sign into myDMACC for one-click access to:

  • Your DMACC Email (webmail)
  • Banner Self Service
  • Blackboard (online classes)
  • Office 365 Programs
  • And Special content tailored just for you


Online Courses

DMACC uses Blackboard LMS for offering online courses. For assistance with the user name or password, see the previous section in this chapter. For information about Online and Blended courses, visit the Online Learning Website at www.dmacc.edu/online. To access online courses, go to the DMACC website at www.dmacc.edu. Click on the myDMACC button at the top of the page and log in. Use your network user name and password to log in. Once you log in, you can click on the Blackboard button which will take you into Blackboard and display your course listing under Courses.

Information Center

The Ankeny Campus Information Center (515-964-6200) provides general DMACC information, specific program descriptions and current course listings. Information can also be obtained at the Student Life or Student Services office at the Boone, Carroll, Newton, Urban and West Campuses.

Bulletin Boards

Bulletin boards are for information or announcements relevant to the College, students and staff. Items for posting must be approved, stamped and dated by the Student Life Office in Building 5 at the Ankeny Campus, the Provost’s Office at the Urban Campus, the front office at the Boone, Carroll and West Campus, and the Information Desk at the Newton Campus. Items must not be affixed to glass or painted surfaces.

Student Publications

DMACC has three independent student publications: The Banner News on the Boone Campus; The Campus Chronicle on the Ankeny Campus; and The Urban Vibe on the Urban Campus. These student news organizations emphasize news, features, entertainment, sports, opinion, photography, graphic design, advertising and new media platforms. No experience is necessary. Training is provided. Opportunities to get involved include enrolling in Newspaper Production (JOU 125), freelancing or interning. Work-study positions also may be available. For more information, contact the faculty advisor at each campus or email bannernews@dmacc.edu, chronicle@dmacc.edu or urbanvibe@dmacc.edu.

College Closings

In the event of inclement weather, physical plant or IT systems failures, or other factors that may create a need to close or delay opening one, several, or all DMACC locations, serious consideration is given to a decision to close or delay the affected college location(s) as soon as possible. Weather conditions are monitored continuously in advance of winter storms, and decisions to close or delay are made by 6:00am for day classes and 4:00pm for evening classes. The college community is encouraged to use good judgment when determining to attend classes in inclement weather. If the college does not close or delay, and a student decides not to attend classes due to inclement weather, it is their responsibility to contact their appropriate instructors.

DMACC students, faculty, staff, and visitors can find DMACC closing or delay information on local radio or television stations, as well as receiving a DMACC RAVE Alert call on their cell phone or landline phone, a text message on their cell phone, and an email to their DMACC email account. Closing or delay Information may also be found at www.dmacc.edu, or by calling the following phone numbers: Ankeny 515-964-6200, Boone 515-432-7203, Carroll 712-792-1755, Newton 641-791-3622, Perry VanKirk Career Academy 515-428-8100, Urban 515-244-4226, West 515-633-2407.

To add or change a cell or landline phone number, or an email address on DMACC RAVE Alert please log into www.getrave.com/login/dmacc. The username is a student’s full DMACC email address (djsmith@dmacc.edu). The password can be set by clicking the Forgot Your Username or Password bar and following the prompts. Please email Jay Tiefenthaler at jmtiefenthaler3@dmacc.edu with questions or concerns.