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DMACC Policies and Procedures 
DMACC Policies and Procedures

Procedures by Type


Board of Directors Procedures


Board of Directors: Board Meetings

Other Courses

Business Services Procedures


Business Service: Business Office

Business Service: Purchasing

Business Service: Sponsored Programs

Facilities Procedures


Facilities: Physical Plant

Facilities: Security

Human Resources Procedures


Human Resources: Benefits

Human Resources: Compensation

Human Resources: EEO/AA

Human Resources: Employment

Human Resources: General Information

Human Resources: Leave

Human Resources: Separation

Information Solutions Procedures


Information Solutions: Information Security

Student Affairs Procedures


Student Services: Admissions and Recruitment

Student Services: Career Center

Student Services: Career Planning and Placement

Student Services: Financial Aid

Student Services: Instructional Administration

Student Services: Library Services

Student Services: Recreation/Wellness

Student Services: Student Assessment and Testing

Student Services: Student Records

Student Services: Student Rights, Appeals and FERPA

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