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2018-2019 Student Handbook 
2018-2019 Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Services For Students

Academic Achievement Centers

The Academic Achievement Center located on each campus is available to all DMACC students seeking assistance with:

  • College coursework in the areas of math, science, English, writing, accounting, reading and study skills.
  • Noncredit self-paced enrichment courses in biology and chemistry to meet prerequisites or upgrade academic skills.
  • High school completion (HiSet or adult high school diploma).

Contact the Academic Achievement Center at each campus for additional information. Services may differ between campuses.

Academic Advising

Academic Advisors are available to assist students in planning their educational programs, meeting graduation requirements, developing their academic skills and using resources of the College to meet student educational needs. Transfer planning assistance is available. Students should bring a photo ID with them. For detailed information on advising services, visit www.dmacc.edu/advising.


College bookstores are located at all DMACC campuses to serve students, faculty and staff. Textbook purchases and rentals should be made at the campus location of the class. Textbooks for online classes are available at any of the campus bookstores.  Arrangements may be made to deliver the books to other DMACC bookstores by ordering through the website and selecting store pickup at the preferred campus. Please allow two extra business days for their delivery. MasterCard, VISA, Discover and American Express credit cards are accepted. Financial Aid recipients may use their excess aid to purchase books and other educational-related supplies. For more information, visit www.dmacc.edu/student_services/bookstore. Photo IDs are required for all Financial Aid, student accounts and check purchases. Students with prewritten checks from parents must also present a photo ID. Checks must be written for the amount of purchase only and payable to DMACC Bookstore or Follett. Hours of operation vary at each campus.

A cash register or financial aid receipt is required for a full refund or exchange of any textbook. Textbooks may be returned with receipt within seven days from the beginning of each semester; books must be in the exact same condition as when purchased. Check with the bookstore for further details of the Bookstore Return Policy. Materials purchased with a check require 10 working days for a refund check to be issued.

Campus Health

Campus Health is located on the Ankeny Campus (Building 24, Room 103). Students from all campus locations are welcome to utilize Campus Health. Limited medical care, immunizations, first aid and referrals are available. Contact the Campus Health Specialist at 515-964-6352 to schedule an appointment (appointments mandatory for physicals/blood titers). Most health services are free or have a minimal charge. No health insurance required. Students must be currently enrolled in classes to use services. Check the DMACC website calendar or call Campus Health for specific details. Appointments may be scheduled when classes are in session with the following medical professionals:

  • Campus Health Specialist available Monday-Friday, 7:30am-4:00pm (Fall/Spring semesters and Summer term).
  • Nurse Practitioner available Tuesdays and Wednesdays 8:00am-12:00pm (Fall/Spring semesters and Summer term) student contact days. Nurse Practitioner days/hours of availability are subject to change.

CPR/First-Aid classes are offered on a limited basis. Health education and support materials are available in the Campus Health office.  For questions regarding health insurance options contact th Campus Nurse for referral information.

Disclaimer-Campus Health is not a substitute for, or replacement for, your primary care provider. Services provided here are given as a consultation to your primary care provider. If the question exists concerning availability of services, please contact the Campus Health Nurse prior to visit. Treatment is not guaranteed for pain management, chronic health concerns or occupational health-related events.

Campus Recreation

Intramural Sports, Club Sports and Outdoor Recreation opportunities are available for DMACC students.

All currently enrolled DMACC students, faculty/staff are eligible to participate in Campus Recreation Activities free of charge including: flag football, basketball, volleyball and other sports and activities.

DMACC Campus Recreation provides quality recreational and education programs fostering awareness about healthy lifestyles to serve the needs of students, staff, and faculty.

For more information, visit www.dmacc.edu/campusrecreation.

Campus Security

Law enforcement and security are provided to help ensure the safety and security of our campuses. DMACC provides 24-hour/7-day security officer patrol at the Ankeny Campus. An Ankeny security officer may be contacted at 515-964-6500. At the Urban Campus, security officer patrol is 7:00am through 10:30pm, Mon.-Thurs.; 7:00am through 5:00pm, Friday and Saturday. An Urban security officer may be contacted at 515-248-7200. Security measures may include uniformed security guards, closed-circuit television, building security systems, exterior lighting, courtesy phones and attention to landscape materials. In addition, the Ankeny, Des Moines, Boone, Carroll, Newton and West Des Moines Police Departments patrol and assist the College in their respective jurisdictions. DMACC security personnel administer traffic and parking regulations, ensure safety and security, and provide assistance to the College community.

Career Center

The DMACC Career Center provides free career services to DMACC students and alumni at all stages of their career development, supporting successful transitions from college to career. Services and resources include:

  • Career coaching services, career assessments, and career exploration workshops to help students and alumni navigate the career decision making process and identify college programs and occupations that may fit their unique interests, abilities, and values
  • Job and internship search assistance, including resume and cover letter reviews and mock interviews
  • DMACC’s free online job and internship board for students and alumni, www.CollegeCentral.com/DMACC
  • On-campus recruiting events throughout the year to help students and alumni connect face-to-face with employers
  • Job market information and DMACC graduate employment data

The DMACC Career Center is located on the Ankeny campus and serves students and alumni of all DMACC locations and programs. Learn more about the Career Center by visiting www.dmacc.edu/careercenter.   To make an appointment, call 515-964-6200, then dial 0 to reach an operator. Other inquiries can be directed to the Career Center at careers@dmacc.edu or 515-964-6463.

Child Care

The DMACC Child Development Center on the Ankeny Campus provides child care for the children of students, faculty and staff. Children ages eight weeks to five years old are eligible for child care during normal college daytime business hours. Children must attend on a full- or part-time, regularly scheduled basis. The child development center is open year-round on student contact days only. There is generally a waiting list. To apply or request more information, call 515-964-6588 or visit www.dmacc.edu/programs/earlychildhood/pages/labschool.aspx. For additional child care information on the other campuses, contact a DMACC Informational Specialist at 515-964-6200 or 800-362-2127. Children should not be brought to class or left unattended at clinical sites or attendance centers, in classrooms, or anywhere else on College property. See DMACC policy ES 4616 .


The College provides professional counselors to assist students in career and educational planning and in solving problems of a personal nature. Counselors help students make decisions and plan for a successful future. Counselors are available to help students choose an educational program or career direction, examine mid-career options, discuss anticipated academic difficulties, and assist with personal issues. Students who experience difficulty with their curriculum are encouraged to make use of DMACC counseling services. For more information, visit www.dmacc.edu/counseling.

DMACC students are eligible to receive counseling through the Student Assistance Program, operated by Compass Clinical Associates. This program is not run by DMACC but offers evaluation and counseling services at no cost for DMACC students. Students with ongoing problems involving school, family, relationships, work, substance abuse, etc., may contact Compass at 515-412-5112 to arrange a confidential visit with a therapist.

DMACC OneCard (College ID)

The DMACC OneCard, the official College photo ID for credit students, provides access to student services such as library resources, events and activities, and financial aid refunds. Students may select how they will receive their DMACC refunds from BankMobile.

  • BankMobile will mail the DMACC OneCard to the mailing address students have on file with DMACC.
  • Students who wish to have a photo added to the OneCard should visit www.dmacc.edu/onecard for a list of photo-taking locations, dates and times.
  • Students must go to www.DMACCOneCard.com to select a refund option choice.
  • Each DMACC campus has an Allpoint ATM that can be used with the BankMobile Vibe Account for free.

Additional information about the OneCard can be found at www.dmacc.edu/onecard/Pages/welcome.aspx.

Dental Services

Dental Hygiene students on the Ankeny Campus provide the following preventive dental services for DMACC students and the community at a reduced fee: oral health assessment, teeth cleaning, oral care, sealants, amalgam polishing, fluoride treatment, X-rays, nutritional counseling and oral cancer screenings. To schedule an appointment, call 515-964-6280 or visit www.dmacc.edu/student_services/pages/dental.aspx.

Emergency Auto Service

Campus Security available on the Ankeny and Urban Campuses may assist students with cars that won’t start or have low tires or if students have locked their keys in a car. Ankeny Campus Security can be contacted at ext. 6500 from an on-campus telephone (515-964-6500 off-campus). Urban Campus Security can be contacted at ext. 7200 from an on-campus telephone (515-248-7200 off-campus). If security is not available or is unable to assist, students should call a commercial car service. DMACC security services are provided free of charge, but charges of any commercial car service will be the full responsibility of the student. At the Boone, Carroll and West Campuses, maintenance staff will assist with starting cars. At the Newton Campus, jumper cables may be borrowed from the Newton SAC through the Information Desk.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is any form of funding that helps you pay for college. All students are encouraged to apply for financial aid. To apply for financial aid, you will need to complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), which is available beginning October 1 each year for the upcoming academic year. For your convenience, DMACC provides a step-by-step guide and a checklist to help you understand how to access financial aid.   


Financial aid is awarded based on full-time attendance. Any awards offered may be prorated or reduced if students are enrolled less than full-time. For example, the Federal Pell Grant is prorated, and will be reduced if you are attending less than fulltime. Most assistance is based on demonstrated financial need; however, some forms of assistance are based solely on merit (such as many scholarships).


There are four main types of financial aid. Students are usually offered a combination of aid (known as a package) from these four programs: grants, loans, scholarships and work-study. Students are encouraged to visit the DMACC Financial Aid website for more information about the different types of financial aid awards.


FINANCIAL AID REQUIREMENTS: DMACC will receive your FAFSA from the federal government within 7-10 days after it is processed. DMACC will then reach out to you via letter (new students) and email (new and continuing students). The Financial Aid Office will primarily use your DMACC email address to contact you, so check it often. You will be directed to the Web Info System (accessible through myDMACC) to view your additional “requirements”. Students may view their financial aid requirements for the current year by logging into myDMACC and selecting Web Info System. All required information must be submitted before you can be offered a Financial Aid Award. DMACC provides instructions for viewing Financial Aid Requirements on the Web Info System on the Financial Aid webpage.


FINANCIAL AID AWARD: Students will receive an email from the Financial Aid Office notifying them when they have a financial aid award ready to view on the Web Info System. All students must accept the Terms and Conditions before viewing their award offer. You will need to log into myDMACC and select Web Info System to accept Terms and Conditions and accept your Financial Aid Award. The Financial Aid Office offers instructions for completing the Terms and Conditions and accepting your Financial Aid Award on the department’s webpage.  


The ​”Financing Your Education at DMACC”​(PDF) booklet is a valuable resource you can use to learn more about the types of financial aid you may have been offered.


For questions, email the Financial Aid Office at finaid@dmacc.edu or call the office at 515-964-6283, or 800-362-2127, ext. 6283.

Scholarship & Grant Programs

SCHOLARSHIPS: Students seeking information about scholarships are encouraged to visit the DMACC Foundation and Other Scholarship Opportunities webpage. This link provides information about DMACC Foundation scholarships, as well as other scholarship opportunities.

FINANCIAL AID GRANTS: A grant is a type of financial aid that does not need to be repaid and is usually need based. To be eligible for most grants, students need to complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at fafsa.gov (please see the Financial Aid Portion of this Handbook). Students may visit the DMACC website for more information about the many forms of grants that are offered at DMACC.

Food Services

Vending machines are available on each campus. The Ankeny, Boone, Urban and West Campuses have food services where food is prepared on-site. For formal dining, Culinary Arts students on the Ankeny Campus operate the Bistro, located in Building 7.


For student housing options and area apartment information, visit www.dmacc.edu/housing. For more information about student housing at the Boone Campus, contact the housing liaison, David Pearson, at 515-433-5046. The Borgen Housing Guidelines can be accessed at the above website.


College bookstores are located at all DMACC campuses, with the exception of Perry, Hunziker Center and Southridge, to serve students, faculty and staff.  Face to Face course textbook purchases and rentals should be made at the campus location of the class.  Textbooks for online courses are only available at the DMACC Ankeny location.  Arrangements may be made to deliver the books to another campus location by ordering from the website and selecting store pickup at the preferred campus.  Please allow two extra delivery days if this option is chosen.  Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express cards are accepted for payment.  Financial Aid, after tuition is paid, may be used to purchase textbooks and other educational related supplies.  For more information, please visit www.dmacc.edu/student_services/bookstore.

Photo ID’s are required for all Financial Aid, third party and check purchases in the bookstore.  Students paying with a check from a parent must also present a photo ID.  The parent will be telephoned to verify student has authority to use the check.  Checks are accepted for the amount of purchase only and payable to the DMACC campus bookstore.  Hours of operation vary at each campus and are posted on the DMACC website or telephone recording for the bookstores. 

A receipt from transaction is required for a full refund or exchange of a textbook within a specified time period.  Returns are accepted within seven days from the start date of each semester.  Books must be in same condition as when purchased.  Bundles must have all components and access codes unused.  Check with the bookstore for further details on the return policy.  Course materials purchased by check require a 10 day waiting period for check to clear the bank before a refund can be processed.

Lost & Found

Lost & Found is maintained in the Student Activities Office at the Ankeny Campus, the Business Office at the Boone and Carroll Campuses, the Information Desk at the Newton and West Campuses and the Security Office at the Urban Campus.

Notary Public

Free notary public service is located in the business office in building 1 on the Ankeny Campus, the main office at the Carroll Campus, the Business Office at the Boone Campus and the Provost’s Office at the Urban and West Campuses. Please check with local campus for dates and times of service.

Scholarship & Grant Programs

SCHOLARSHIPS: Students seeking scholarship opportunities are encouraged to visit the Foundation website at www.dmacc.edu/foundation/Pages/application.aspx to obtain information about scholarships and/or to submit a scholarship application electronically.

FINANCIAL AID GRANTS: Students seeking grants from federal and state sources should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon as possible after January 1 of each year. A description of the grant programs available to students who complete the FAFSA may be viewed at www.dmacc.edu/fin_aid.

Students With Disabilities

DMACC is committed to providing an accessible environment that supports students with disabilities in reaching their full potential. Support services are available to ensure equal access to educational opportunities. Specialized software, testing accommodations, classroom accommodations and sign language interpreting are examples of support services offered.

DMACC employs a Disability Services Coordinator to work with students to develop and coordinate services based on individual student need. Students with disabilities who require reasonable accommodations to participate fully at DMACC should follow these steps:

  1. Contact the Disability Services Coordinator at 515-964-6850, or the counseling and advising office on any of the six campuses for an Application for Accommodation.
  2. Submit a completed application and supporting documentation either online or to Des Moines Area Community College, 2006 South Ankeny Boulevard, Bldg. 6-10b, Ankeny, IA 50023. Attention: Disability Services Coordinator.
  3. Schedule a time to meet with the Disability Services Coordinator, counselor or advisor to discuss coordination of services.
  4. Visit www.dmacc.edu/student_services/disabilities for more information.

Testing Centers

The Testing Center on each campus provides admission testing, make-up testing, the administration of correspondence tests for courses taken at other institutions and challenge tests for DMACC courses, along with certification and admission tests. Students must arrange with their instructors to have make-up tests sent to the Testing Center. When students arrive to take their exams, they are required to present photo identification, such as a DMACC OneCard or valid government issued ID. For testing information, call 877-TO-DMACC (800-362-2127) or visit www.dmacc.edu/testingcenter.


Peer tutors are available to assist students who need tutoring in a particular course or courses. Knowledgeable tutors help students review the course material, answer questions and review for exams. Students may be scheduled individually or with a group.

Online tutoring through http://services.smarthinking.com is available for a variety of subjects. For a username and password, send an email with DMACC Student ID number and DMACC email address to tutor@dmacc.edu or call 515-965-7004.

For more information, call the Tutoring Office on the Ankeny Campus at 515-965-7004 or stop by Bldg. 6, Rm 20. For information about tutoring services on the Boone, Carroll, Newton, Urban or West Campuses, contact the Academic Achievement Center at the campus attended. The College cannot guarantee the availability of tutors in every subject.

DMACC hires students as peer tutors. Apply on campus at the Ankeny Tutoring Office or any of the Academic Achievement Centers to work in a fun, flexible environment and earn extra money while on campus.

Veterans’ Services

The DMACC Veterans’ Services Coordinator assists eligible students in receiving veterans’ education benefits, acts as a liaison between the students and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), coordinates with the State Approving Agency within the Iowa Department of Education and serves as a resource to other DMACC departments.

The Veterans’ Services Coordinator maintains a list of all programs approved by the VA for educational benefits. Monthly benefit rates are set by Congress and vary according to Chapter of GI Bill used, eligibility criteria and rate of pursuit.

Types of veterans’ education benefits through the VA:

  • Former Active Duty veterans-Ch. 30, Ch. 33-Post 9/11
  • Current Iowa Army/Air National Guard members-Ch. 1606, Ch. 33-Post 9/11
  • Current U.S. Military Reservists-Ch. 1606, Ch. 33-Post 9/11
  • Participants in the VA Vocational Rehabilitation program-Ch. 31
  • Surviving dependents/spouses of service-related disabled or deceased veterans-Ch. 35

Eligible students can receive educational benefits during Fall and Spring semesters and Summer terms at DMACC and may receive benefits enrolled at full-time, three-fourths time, half-time, or less than half-time.

Eligible students should complete the Veteran’s Online Application (VONAPP) at www.benefits.va.gov/gbill/apply prior to the beginning of the semester (Fall, Spring or Summer). This is a one-time application. It may take up to 90 days for the VA to process the application.

STUDENTS MUST notify the DMACC Veterans’ Services Coordinator that they are attending DMACC and that they wish to use their veterans’ education benefits. Failure to notify the Veterans’ Services Coordinator may delay payments from the VA.

Further details may be obtained at the Office of Student Financial Aid/Veterans Services, Ankeny Campus, 515-964-6278, or toll-free 800-362-2127 or on the web at www.dmacc.edu/veterans.

Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling

Through an agreement with Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services, a vocational rehabilitation counselor is assigned to the College to provide rehabilitation services to eligible students with disabilities. Individualized services to help students achieve their vocational goals are identified in a jointly developed written rehabilitation plan. Vocational rehabilitation counseling is provided to eligible students by a professional counselor who has expertise in disability and vocational areas. For more information, please contact the Disability Services office in Ankeny or the Student Services office on the Urban Campus.