Sep 20, 2019  
2018-2019 Student Handbook 
2018-2019 Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Freedom of Expression-Public Forum

Educational Services, ES 4891

  1. Institutional Regulations

The College seeks to foster and sustain a forum for the free, civil and orderly exchange of ideas, values and opinions, recognizing that individuals grow and learn when respectively confronted with differing views, alternative ways of thinking and conflicting values.

This procedure identifies outdoor areas on each DMACC campus where individuals can exercise their freedom of expression, peaceful assembly and petitions to authority and guidance so that the exercise of these freedoms does not interfere with the operation of the College or the rights of others. These regulations shall be applied on a neutral basis without regard to the content or viewpoint of the particular expression involved. This is a companion procedure to ES4890 .

  1. Designated Areas

The College may regulate the time, place and manner of expressive activity that occurs within the areas designated by this procedure.

The designated areas include all locations, subject to these limitations, on any DMACC campus or facility. DMACC staff will work with individuals and groups to find reasonable locations that do not:

  1. Block, or in any way interfere with or impede any other person’s entrance to or exit from or through any sidewalk, roadway or doorway on any campus. Generally, such activities will be precluded from within 20 feet of any door and 50 feet from any campus entrance.
  2. Impede the free flow of any and all student and other pedestrian traffic in hallways, sidewalks or other areas. All other persons on a DMACC facility must have the opportunity to get past those exercising their protected right to not have to be confronted with or distracted from their reason and purpose for being on campus. Although they can have the opportunity to interact, they should not be required or forced to do so.
  3. Recommended areas for the maximum exposure to student and staff traffic:
    1. ANKENY-The central mall between Buildings 2, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 9
    2. BOONE-The patio area west of the Building
    3. CARROLL-Southside Patio
    4. NEWTON-Butterfly Garden
    5. URBAN-The lawn located to the east of Building 1
    6. WEST-Northside Patio
  1. Types of Use

      Casual use means any spontaneous and unorganized use for which there is no prior promotion, solicitation or purposeful attempt to attract or solicit the public.

      1. Individual students and other persons may use the designated areas for any casual and reasonable use during the times described in Section V.

      2. Casual users are not permitted to use any electronic sound amplification system or equipment that might disrupt class or other activities.

      3. Casual users may not interfere with the use of any of the designated areas by authorized groups or unreasonably disturb or disrupt persons in adjacent buildings, and such users are expected not to damage or destroy any College property (including grass or shrubbery) or cause any litter. They will be held responsible for the cost of any damages or repairs.

      DMACC-recognized student organizations and other groups or individuals that are eligible to use College facilities may reserve and use the designated areas for public meetings, rallies, teachins, convocations, festivals and other authorized events and activities during the times described in Section V. Requests for such use shall be submitted as described in Section IV.

  2. Applications For Scheduled Use

    1. Eligible groups shall make a request to use the designated areas by submitting a completed application form to the Student Activities Office on the Ankeny Campus or the Student Services Office on the Boone, Carroll, Newton, Urban and West Campuses.
    2. Applications should be submitted at least three (3) business days in advance of the intended use to provide time for all necessary arrangements. However, reasonable effort will be made to accommodate requests made at least one business day (24 hours) in advance of a requested event.
    3. DMACC officials will provide a response to the application within one (1) business day from when the application is received. Requests shall be granted on a space-available basis. Written approval must be obtained by the eligible group prior to using the designated area.
    4. Eligible groups using the designated areas may not unreasonably disturb or disrupt persons in adjacent buildings, and such groups are expected not to damage or destroy any College property (including grass or shrubbery) or cause any litter. If security is required, or the College Administration deems it necessary to make adequate security arrangements for traffic or crowd control, arrangements will be made through the College.
    5. All federal and state laws and city ordinances must be obeyed, and it is the responsibility of the group to obtain all applicable permits or licenses.
    6. This policy does not affect the practice of conducting outdoor classes by College faculty or staff.
  3. Other Restrictions

    1. Hours of Use. Casual use is normally permitted at any time except as specifically prohibited or restricted. Scheduled use is normally restricted to the hours of 7:30am to 8:00pm, Monday through Friday.
    2. Camping on DMACC property is prohibited.
    3. No device or structure shall be placed or erected upon DMACC property except as approved by DMACC officials in connection with an authorized group. This prohibition does not apply to the distribution of leaflets to individuals nor to the carrying of signs by individuals.
    4. Sound amplification, music and other uses that might disturb or disrupt persons in adjacent buildings and classrooms is prohibited during normal business and class hours.
    5. Commercial solicitation is prohibited in the designated areas.
    6. DMACC will permit demonstrations and picketing in designated areas, provided such actions do not violate established College policies, local, state and federal laws. If demonstrators/picketers violate College policies, local, state or federal laws, the demonstrators/picketers will be subject to DMACC disciplinary procedures, as applicable, removal or exclusion from a campus, and/or referral to law enforcement.
    7. All persons and groups using the designated areas are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful manner toward all students, College personnel and College visitors. Users may not approach students and pressure or force them to take literature, or follow students to classes or elsewhere on campus.
    8. All persons and groups using the designated areas must provide reasonable access to and from any building, including building doorways and other entrances and exits. Vehicular and pedestrian traffic should not be obstructed.
    9. All persons and groups using College facilities are subject to federal and state laws and DMACC Board Policies and rules applicable to such use.
    10. Failure by a user to comply with the provisions of this procedure may result in denial or revocation of the ability to use the designated area.